Six Benefits of Android App Development for Your Business in 2019


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Six Benefits of Android App Development for Your Business in 2019

Android rules the smartphone realm with over seventy-five percent market share globally. As the number of Android phone users keeps on increasing, Google Play also surges with apps. Companies have started realizing the huge potential of Android apps in promoting business and simplifying processes. The recent versions of Android OS have come up with enterprise-friendly features and improved security as well.

Why Businesses should Opt for Android App Development

1. Ever-increasing Number of Users
How about expanding your business beyond borders? How about reaching a huge and ever-growing audience? Well, the Android platform enables you to achieve these goals. As the platform dominates with the lion’s share in the world, you can readily address a huge audience worldwide with a feature-rich Android business app. Android has a good penetration in the iOS strongholds as well, which means that it is easy for you to leverage the benefits of mobility.

Also, you can get rid of a major hurdle while opting for an Android platform. Your app does not get outdated soon with the launch of newer Android OS versions. It is because the OS offers Platform fragmentation functionality. In contrast to this, iOS has limited versions available in the market at any given point. It can keep your iOS business app obsolete soon.

2. Easy Customization
Though Apple has made the iOS platform more customizable, Android has an upper hand over it. Android app development framework enables the developers to come up with highly engaging apps with an innovative touch. Be it a layout or functionality, Android OS is known for providing a plethora of options to the app developers.

What’s more, Android enables developers to introduce launcher apps, which is not possible in case of iOS to date. Also, developers can get several options for each app because Google Play is surging with over 2.6 million apps.

3. Google Advantage
Android is backed by Google, which means that Android app development services can readily integrate Google services and apps in your business app. One of the examples is Google Assistant. It is indeed smarter and more effective than Siri as the search engine giant Google is supported it. Google Assistant offers highly useful features like customized routines, multiple commands in one go, checking traffic, and the like. Integration of other robust Google apps makes the business

Google advantage is indeed one of the biggest reasons to prefer Android app development over iOS for your business app.

4. Improved User Experience
When it comes to personalized user experience, Android apps are somewhat better than their iOS counterparts. Android OS utilizes data regarding the user’s behavior, choices, and shopping pattern to get insights for providing personalized notifications. You can hire Android app developers to make an on-demand mobile app for promoting your products or services as well. It can assist your business to address a huge audience globally and offer your customers a pleasant and personalized experience with improved services.

Android apps also contribute to acquiring and retaining users by providing an interactive and engaging experience. It further results in a higher ROI amid growing competition.

5. Rapid Approval
Google Play gives rapid approval and its submission terms are also less stringent than that of the Apple App Store. Many mobile app development companies are dedicated to Android app development only because it is easy to hire developers and the approval rate is high. Google tends to remain lenient with submission guidelines for the app. If your app passes through features like piracy, customization, and security, then you can have your business app live on Google Play. Also, the approval time is also less for Android apps as compared to iOS apps, that enables you to get an advantage of TTM (Time To Market).

6. Marketing Opportunities
One of the biggest reasons for Android’s growing popularity is a number of Android device makers worldwide. In stark contrast to the iOS ecosystem, Android OS is an open ecosystem with a large variety of handsets and devices. What’s more, you can strengthen your app’s presence on Google Play as Android enables you to submit your app on various third-party app stores like GetJar and Amazon App Store.

As Android is backed by Google, you can have an SEO advantage for your app. You can drive more traffic toward your app by implementing SEO techniques. A reliable Android app development company facilitates you to promote your business app by implementing SEO practices along with referral marketing, web page optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing. Altogether, your app’s popularity can be increased significantly, and you can enhance the brand reputation online through your app.

These days, companies face tremendous competition globally. Whether you own a startup or an SME, you can always count on Android app as a robust and cost-effective marketing tool. If the future integration is proper and your app’s performance is excellent, you can readily get the competitive edge over your peers by launching an Android app. Also, the Android app enables you to implement mobility at your workplace because most of your employees use Android devices.

You can hire Android app developers to avail many benefits of Android OS. It is better to start with an Android app to improve the online visibility of your business and increase overall productivity. It is true that Android app development is costlier than iOS app development. It is because Android apps need to be tested across many different devices. But then, customized Android apps can give you a higher return as compared to iOS apps over the period.

Parting Shots
The mobile app development domain is thriving and advancements of emerging technologies like AR, VR, and IoT are integrated into the app solutions. There, Android OS has an upper hand as an open platform with easy modification and customization functionality. If you want an advanced app for your business with futuristic features then the Android platform can efficiently serve your purpose. Therefore, it is preferable for developing the first business app.

As a leading Android app development company, we have delivered hundreds of customized Android apps across various industry sectors. Our expert app developers can integrate technological advancements to address the diverse requirements of modern business.


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