Selling Win-Win In a Down Economy


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Almost no one appears to be immune from the world-wide economic quagmire that threatens our prosperity for at least the next several years. Since it appears that we really are all in this together, it may be time to revisit the five rules I learned for playing Win-Win with customers.

Rule #1: You must promote open, honest communications.

Rule #2: Both parties must want to play Win-Win. Win-Win doesn’t mean you or your customer wins twice!

Rule #3: Your product or service must “fit” the customer’s wants, needs and ability to pay or perform.

Rule #4: As a sales professional, you are responsible for understanding WIIFM – the what’s-in-it-for-me for you and for your customer.

Rule #5: If it becomes obvious that a sale would harm one or both parties, you must be willing to walk away from the opportunity.

Explaining the rules of playing Win-Win to customers can be an effective tool for communicating your desire for mutual cooperation and qualifying your customer’s intentions. It also may help you and your customer survive, maybe even prosper, during these difficult economic times.


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