Quick review on Google+


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Well, since everybody & their dog friend seems to be getting onto Google+ today … and since in spite of the heavy supply of accounts there seems to be an even greater demand as evidenced by people selling invites to Google+ on ebay … may be because someone joked (I think) that having a Google+ account increases your chances of getting laid by 30% … I am writing my own initial thoughts about it.

(No, I don’t think @madmanweb was right … actually @beastoftraal was probably more closer to reality!)

So, what are my initial thoughts? Google is trying to stay in the game, not beat/kill/depose/extinguish/squash/frag Facebook by doing (attempting?) somethings right for a change. Somebody already wrote what Google+ learnt from Wave and Buzz. Google+ might actually be a great platform for the internal social networking needs of organizations. If they have it on Google Apps.

On a personal level, I got all excited after I got an invite (thanks Manu Prasad) and could finally get in after a harrowing commute to the office between the time I got the invite and the time I created my account … I clicked around, added friends to circles upon circles, fooled around with settings, etc. for about 45 minutes and I lost steam a bit.

After adding 45 people to various circles I definitely got tired! And only 8 people had added me to their circles. So evidently my network of friends (both IRL & online ones) had not yet gotten into Google+. Not so cool until the network is in there. So I have to wait till more people join in. And I have yet another set of friends data.

I sent a feedback, which is refreshingly via a form that is different from the ugly bug reporting tools developers & testers use. Well, if you want to know, I want to be able to mute/mute a person, so I don’t see their updates on my timeline temporarily. That’s the feedback I sent.

What I liked though is that I can export all my data on Google+ to a zip file and have it with me. Unlike Facebook.

Now the wait for Google+ to open up for developers.


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