Planning to Launch Your Own iPhone Application? Have a Look At These Strategies For Help


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Apple Inc. holds almost 18.4% of the total world market share when it comes to smartphones. Their immensely popular and successful iPhone series is one of the most desired mobile phones in the market. Some of the iPhones in spite of being very expensive (more than $999), people choose to buy them nonetheless. The Apple Store which is similar to the Google Play Store has more than 700,000 apps. Each of these apps belongs to a separate category and are used by the people for various purposes.

With passing time more people are getting access to smartphones and that is why new innovation is required. Any iOS application development company works consistently throughout the year to create unique apps. Are you planning to create iPhone app and launch it in the coming months? Before you do that, you need to develop a strong and effective market strategy.

Using a good strategy will always help you to promote your app to the people in a brilliant manner. Are you are confused about how to create a launch strategy? Then you must take a close look at this article. This is because we will give you a detailed overview of important strategies to keep in mind when launching an application. Let’s begin!

Ultimate iPhone App Launching Strategy

The Apple Store is flooded with numerous apps and many of them are similar to each other. Therefore it becomes difficult to stand out with a brand new application in the market immediately. But your app can gain popularity and thousands of downloads in no time if it has good features. Good marketing is also important to create hype among the people. So here are the vital points to remember before the launch of your custom iPhone application.

Attractive Value Proposition Statement

The users do not have much time to read a big block of text to know about the application. So you need to provide them with a small but very informative piece of text that will give them an idea. This is called the Value Proposition text for your application. iPhone app development agencies know how important it is to create this statement. You need to create a versatile and fluid set of one or two sentences that will show what your app has to offer.

Even though many people think it to be an easy task to accomplish, it is actually difficult. Describing what your app has to offer to the people in a few lines is very challenging. So make sure you invest a lot of time and effort to create the perfect Value Proposition Statement for your app. Here is an example of Value Proposition Statement, Instagram – Create beautiful photos and share them with friends.

Test the Prototype For Your Application

Testing the prototype for your app is very much important before the launch of the iPhone app. You need to make sure that your app does not have any critical bug present in it. So there is only one way to ensure it. Release your app only to a handful of beta testers who will use the app for one or two weeks and then give you important feedback about which aspects of the app needs improvement. They will help you detect any bug or lag in the design that will hamper the user experience. So it is a vital strategy to follow before the launch of your iPhone application.

Create a Web Page Landing

Creating a website for your iPhone application is a vital step before launching it. The availability of a web page landing will help you to create a fan base. Hire web designer and design a beautiful landing page that has a simple yet beautiful user interface. Upload your app’s screenshots that will showcase the UI and features. You can also add the release date of the official app. You will get an option to add a link to the App store from where the viewers can download it.

The landing page must have contact options in case any user want to contact you regarding any problem. The mobile number and email id are the two most important contact information. Nowadays most mobile application development company have their landing page. On this landing page, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to newsletter alerts. This will keep them updated about all the latest updates.

Develop a Strong Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is one of the key elements of success in the overall process. The marketing plan must have three important stages – pre-launch, launch and post-launch. The idea is to create a plan that will effectively promote yours in the best possible manner. The pre-launch plan should include advertisements and promotions that will aware the people of your in-app features. When people know what your app has to offer, they will surely download it on the day of launch. On the day of the launch, your team members should send release alerts to the audience.

Once the app is launched, you will need to work on post-launch marketing. In this stage, you will have to promote your app based on the positive aspects of your app. A strong awareness will always help you get a lot of exposure and popularity. To market your app in the right way you can reach out to publication houses, social media influencers or even put up an advert on other popular apps.

Take the Help of Social Media

Nowadays extending your network is much easier than before. One of the best ways to market your app is by reaching out to bloggers or social media influencers. These personalities have a significant number of followers in any of the social media platforms. So when you ask them to showcase your app on their account, thousands of people are aware of your app. This will help you to get a lot of downloads on the day of the launch and even after it. As an iOS application development company, it is important that you make the full use of the social media network.

Localize Your Application

Localizing your app will surely help you gather more users. It is a good business strategy that will help you in the long run. To localize your app you will need to include the resources that will support a particular region, country or state. This will ensure that users of all the different parts are able to access your app. Your app should also have local language support. Include the language of the areas which is supported in your application.

Final Verdict

So you can see that there are several strategies involved with the release of an iPhone app. If you are ready to start with the process of iPhone app development then make sure to follow these strategies. They will surely help you in many ways and especially before the official launch of your application. Brilliant marketing and planning an effective strategy will take your app development project to brilliant heights. It will take some time and effort, so be patient and work with consistency. It will not be long before your app becomes an absolute hit.