PBTO40: Transforming Observation into Innovation with Andrea Simon


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Andi Simon

Who is on the Show:

In this episode, we are hosting Dr. Andrea Simon. She is the principal and founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC) and the author of the upcoming book “On the Brink”.

Why is she on the show:

She is a corporate anthropologist and helps organizations, large and small, drive change by helping them rethink their strategy, customers and the culture in your own organisation.

She has won numerous Addy and Aster awards for her marketing and advertising campaigns. She is a well-published author with articles in Forbes,Business Week and numerous publications and online blogs. She is a guest blogger for FierceHealth Hospital Impact and Executive Street Blog.

What are we talking about:

She shares her insights and stories about what corporate anthropology is and how it can help organisations change their culture, build new products/services, understand their customers better and how all of this can help them drive growth. This is an insightful conversation.

She talks about and shares real life stories about how stories that we tell ourselves or our employees, the stories that we tell our customers and stories that our customers tell us and themselves, can have significant impact on our business and drive growth.

Where can you find more info about the guest:

You can find more information about Andrea here and you can read her blog Business Change Management. Her book can “On the Brink” can be found here on Amazon.


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