#OccupyTime – From #RealTime to #RightTime


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I am breaking a self-imposed (though unannounced) radio silence to make a short comment about something that hit me very deeply, more deeper than viscerally.

I was winding up for the day when I got an email that went like this:

It seems like every brand has become obsessed with real-time marketing.
Everyone wants to be Oreo at the Super Bowl, but let’s be honest – it’s not that simple.
Your content programs were likely built for a slower moving time, not today’s “always-on” pace driven by social conversations.
Want to get ahead of the trends and uncover how real-time insights from social data can drive your content?
We wrote this whitepaper to explain what it takes.
Please read it and let me know what you think.

This came on a day when me & my new boss (I have a new boss since my last post in this blog) were discussing on measurement in the corporate jungle world. I had passed him a link yesterday to an article which talks about the philosophy of measurement and differentiates between ontic & ontological measurement. And today I was talking to him about how time is perceived/measured – chronological and kairological.

Simply put, chronological time measures out time in a linear and absolute sense, whereas kairological time is all about the moment and the opportunity. And it is Time to reclaim Time. #OccupyTime

Relating it to the enterprise world is pretty simple. It is that dichotomy about Real Time and Right Time brouhaha. Personally, I have moved on from a #RealTime mania to seek #RightTime bliss. I can’t truthfully say I have attained that bliss, but it would be great to have some pilgrims along with me on this search for the #RightTime nirvana.

So dear reader, without the marketing bull, what do you think it takes to get #RightTime right, instead of splitting your hairs about #RealTime marketing, customer service, sale, whatever?

P.S.: I still haven’t read that whitepaper, it probably needs my email id, etc. Probably it holds some answers for me.


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