latest trends: Catching up is the new looking ahead


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Here’s a neat summary of trends in 2009 from the ever reliable

1. Foreverism – ‘never say never”
2. Innovation Jubilation – practical, efficient and responsible, YES!
3. Sellsumers -saving is the new spending, selling is the new saving
4. Eco-Bounty – future profits will be green
5. Generation G – for Generous
6. Nichetributes, Luxyoury, Feedback 3.0, eConcierge, Mapmania and Happy Ending – pick one to devote your passion to so you can profit

I just love Jubilation Innovation, don’t you? Much better than Recession Depression donchathink?

I’m shifting my writing over to twitter at meilinfung and it updates at my other blog so check me out over there.

I’ll be at the Community Leadership Summit in San Jose on Saturday afternoon July 18th, so if you see me, come and say hi. I still look like my picture 🙂

Take care!


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