Kicking the technological can down the social road


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That’s what you are doing if you are getting caught in implementing social communities or social bars for intranets for the engagement and social ads/campaign managers and content+marketing automation tools for the eyeballs.

Do NOT mistake the current trend of Social Business and Social Technologies – the over reliance on a few software elements – as the adequate path to get Social Intelligence (I like Daniel Goleman’s flavor of the term better than the silicon valley’s flavor) into your business ecosystem. And unless and until you are investing in understanding human psychology/anthropology/sociology and architecting your business and technology around it, you are like the man who tries to get to the moon by climbing a tree: “One can report steady progress, all the way to the top of the tree.”

Are you investing in basic research of social too or only that R&D in social which has practical implications for your business?


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