Keeping People Happy: How to Launch a Customer Satisfaction Campaign


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If you read reviews of businesses, you’ll likely find that today’s consumers are impressed by strong customer service skills. Even when they dislike many elements of a particular businesses, good customer service can prevent the interview from containing entirely negative information. Regardless of where your company stands now in the eyes of consumers, improving customer satisfaction can only help.

Audit Your Company

The best way to figure out where to start is by auditing your company to check for potential interviews. You can conduct these audits in a variety of ways. One major source of useful information is the set of reviews online that already exist about your company. You can check to see what people are saying about your business’s customer service skills. Also, you can use anonymous surveys to gain feedback from customers, and you can evaluate what complaints about customer service generally focus on.

Know Your Consumers

Think about how you better interact with people the more that you get to know them. This fact should encourage you to know your customers and seek their satisfaction, like Solarus does. This company is aware that many of its customers are from rural areas, so the products are marketed toward this population. Integrating what you know about your business into the website and social media platforms can help you to build stronger rapport before consumers even come into the store.

Hosts Workshops

Teaching your employees how to better work with customers is about more than just telling them to do so. Workshops are a great way for you to demonstrate to employees how they can more proficiently interact with the customers. Consider some role-playing activities. You and another manage may demonstrate a scenario and ask employees to provide feedback on it. Then, you can turn the role-playing over to them.

Evaluate New Candidates

You can train your old candidates and talk to them about the importance of attaining higher levels of customer satisfaction. As a result of this new goal, you want to hire employees who can help contribute to this goal. During the interview, you should work to get a sense of how the prospective candidates interact with people. You may even want to try them out in a test period to see how they could contribute to the environment of providing higher customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a crucial part of any business, and strengthening your customer-service skills can help you to achieve better rapport. Use these techniques to encourage your employees to do the same.


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