Its 2017 and Time to Stop Doing These 4 Customer Service Screwups


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There are many, many ways that a company can give such lousy customer service that customers literally flee into the arms of the nearest competition, and do it gladly. These customer service no-no’s are far too common, and far too often ignored or not even known by management. If any of the following customer service worst case scenarios is being acted out at your company, you need to sound the alarm and get things fixed asap:

You can’t lie to a customer and not get caught at some point.

Lying is not just morally wrong, it’s bad business strategy. A business lie leads a long and impregnable life — even if the customer never finds out they’ve been hoodwinked, the people in the company who participated in the lie will never forget about it — it can lead to low morale, insider sabotage and/or blackmail, and a host of other ills that can’t be cured until the cancer, the lie, is rooted out and exposed to the light of day. People who can’t tell the truth when the going get tough don’t belong in management or deserve positions of trust in a company.

Ignoring or compromising customer safety

Obviously a huge mistake that will crush any enterprise if not attended to immediately.

A customer may be injured from such innocent objects as a throw rug that is unsecured on a slippery tile or linoleum floor. Blocked or locked emergency exits. Nonfunctioning smoke detectors. Letting defective fire sprinklers go until the next inspection. Dangerous merchandise left unattended. The list goes on and on. Hinterland Outfitters, an elite member of Reseller Ratings points out, “It only takes one customer injury to spawn an internet firestorm or news bulletin that can wipe out a business in the blink of an eye!”

Robbing customers

This may sound like a desperate measure that only a fiend would resort to, but think about it — When companies are deliberately slow in paying out rebates, refunds, or awarding things like bonus points — or ‘misplace’ a customer’s information and details justifying such things, it’s just like picking their pockets, depriving them not only of money but of their valuable time as they try to get what is rightfully theirs. Never make customers jump through hoops if you can help it. And if you can’t help it, be ready with a sincere apology and something extra for their trouble.

Exhibiting any prejudice

This seems like a no brainer, but it’s surprising how often someone in a wheelchair decides against going into a store because their accommodations are inadequate. Every single employee who has any contact with the public whatsoever must be properly trained and motivated to treat every customer with common courtesy and respect. Places of business must conform to all safety and handicap rules, both federal and state. And that’s just the beginning. Ongoing in-house education to sensitize employees on the developing rights and expectations for transgender customers and foreign nationals, among others, should be mandatory. No matter what you personally may think of a customer’s lifestyle choice or religious observance, there’s no excuse for discriminating against them in a place of business. It not only breaks the Golden Rule, but drives your customers away quickly and


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