“It Would Be My Pleasure”


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“It Would Be My Pleasure”

What do you do when Larry Csonka, two-time Super Bowl champion and MVP asks you to pack his favorite lunch for an afternoon of fishing at your all-inclusive island resort? Or when Steven Tyler, lead singer for Aerosmith, strolls into your off-the-beaten-path Hawaiian bar and asks for a private, out-of-the-way corner for him and his guests? You say, “It would be my pleasure.”

That is precisely how Kat, one of my favorite event planners, responds to all her customers. She approaches her work with the belief that customer service wins experiences. In the hospitality world, she says you should never say “no.” Her phrase that pays is “it would be my pleasure,” whether it’s helping Larry Csonka, Steven Tyler, or Shari, a local real estate business owner.

Those five little words are the difference between continuing the conversation and ending it. The difference between making a memory and creating a scene. Quite simply, those words are the bridge to create experiences.

Kat stands out to her clients because she remembers the details, like knowing her client prefers peanut butter on her bagel in the morning. Or what trends are popular this season with brides (doughnut wall, anyone?). Or the best seating arrangement for your corporate holiday party.

Kat succeeds because she tunes in to what her customers want and she doesn’t judge. How many of us can say that? No matter if she’s planning a quinceañera, a traditional Indian wedding, or a spa day for Shari’s real estate office, Kat pulls it all off with a smile and something extra for her customers. And you can bet her clients spread the word among their families and friends.

You may not be a sales event planner like Kat, but let’s face facts, we all sell to some degree. And nearly all of us are of service to others in some capacity. The words you use to express yourself make a difference. Instead of “I can do that” or “let me check on that” or a flat “yes,” I’d much prefer to hear (and say!) “it would be my pleasure.”

Here’s another benefit. Think about what happens when you accept and undertake new challenges. Consider your potential to learn and grow from the experiences and that you are adding tools to your toolbox. You expand your horizons, you meet new people, and more opportunities open up for you. All because of five powerful, pleasant, pocket-sized words!

What if you took a similar approach, not only with your clients and customers but also your co-workers and others whom you serve? When you change your perspective, you make space for new ideas and outcomes to enter your world. Instead of finding reasons not to act or be of service, pause, smile, and gracefully answer, “It would be my pleasure.”


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