Is Radio Shack The Next Oldsmobile?


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In a failed effort to save the Oldsmobile brand, General Motors concocted the meaningless campaign, “Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile.” Their thinking, apparently, was to try to reposition Oldsmobile from something people considered “stodgy” (ie, like your “old man”), into…  Well that was the problem. Into what?

radioshackbusRadio Shack ran a clever Super Bowl ad focusing on the idea that Radio Shack has been stuck in the ’80s, and they were cleaning out that position. But to become what? Allegedly it’s about their staff helping their customers solve problem. OK, what problems? How? Why should this be believable, assuming it is even necessary?

Given a solution to almost all common problems can be found on You Tube, what exactly are they going to offer that’s free? And on what basis can they even be credible?

Time will tell, but I think the Shack is not back.



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