IoT and Christmas- How Technology Helps Markets During the Festive Season


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IoT can Benefit Christmas Markets

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that revolutionizes the business processes with a vast network of connected devices, smartphones, and wearables. It can improve the interaction between the users and the company with the help of smart devices. IoT can gather information and provide actionable insights to various businesses irrespective of its size and nature.

Apart from the corporate world, our daily activities also have a great impact on IoT. In the coming years, we will witness a higher prevalence of IoT devices and its integration with other futuristic technologies like AR, VR, and Machine Learning. But here, we will restrict our discussion to the IoT’s usage in real-life situations.

Though IoT has an impact on every aspect of our life, let’s take an example of the upcoming festive season. As we are approaching Christmas, let’s find out how IoT application development services can help industries promote their products and improve their customer services.

Pop-up Catering on the rise
You might have noticed the presence of pop-up food stores. It is fair to assume that the Christmas markets will show more and more such stores as people quickly get adapted to the street food culture. The pop-up dining is one of the fastest-growing trends. As per Google Trends, the search for “pop up restaurant” has witnessed the consistent growth in search volume since 2014.

What’s more, The British people find the German-style Christmas market very attractive over the past two decades. As millennials embrace this trend, thanks to its creativity and enjoyment, we can grow more this time.

IoT assists the pop-up catering in order-booking, serving, and improving customer services. It is easy to run a mobile catering business at a low cost with the help of IoT.

Mobile Approach gains ground
From pop-up catering stores to retail outlets, the IoT has made the businesses mobile. Today, marketers become more confident to sell their products more effectively during the festive season thanks to the IoT and mobility.

Let’s take an example of the pop-up store again. Such stores need the raw material on a regular basis and during the Christmas their requirements skyrocket. In such a scenario, IoT and mobile technology can help the store owners improve their traceability and enhance food safety standards. Heat control systems, refrigerators or cooling system, and Owen, and another instrument can be controlled on the move to maintain the food quality.

The pop-up or mobile food courts and stores focus on hygiene and the IoT concept can enable owners to maintain it.

Another necessary aspect is inventory control. When it comes to the Christmas market, it is impossible to get the estimate of necessary products and raw material. In such a scenario, IoT and mobility can help marketers to manage the supply chain. IoT enables the store owners to trace their supply chain with the connected supply chain management systems.

Here, the point-of-sale platforms get the shipment from the wholesale units and the entire process is controlled by mobility-led IoT systems.In a way, mobile approach gains ground along with IoT for controlling the remote stock more efficiently.

Energy and Cost Reduction
The Christmas markets remain busy throughout the festive season. At times, they run for more than 12 to 14 hours in a day. It increases the energy cost significantly for the marketers. But, IoT-based devices remain handy for them. Such devices can assist them to control the usage of electric appliances like the heaters, lighting, and refrigerators.

For example, the IoT device can inform the drops in temperature and employees can address it by using their smart devices. If the drop in temperature is due to any technical issue, the prevention technology can be utilized easily thanks to the immediate information through IoT devices. It further mitigates the risk and reduces the associated unexpected costs.

Marketers can hire IoT developers for reducing both cost and energy consumption through customized IoT solutions.

The Christmas market is the busiest market across the world. As this market remains busy for a limited period, marketers have to put all the efforts to stay competitive and earn good profits. It is possible by maintaining the supply chain management and offering excellent customer services. Both these objectives can be readily served with the help of IoT technology. Entrepreneurs can utilize this concept to match the growing demand during this period and increase the profits.

IoT has another significant role to play in on-demand services. During Christmas, people tend to do online shopping and on-demand services can enable them to get what they want on or during the Christmas. Now, on-demand services can be controlled by the IoT network and enhanced by mobility and other emerging technologies.

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