Interesting Infographics: How To Use Storytelling To Reduce Information Overload

Louis Foong | May 2, 2014 112 views No Comments

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The B2B industry is inundated with news and information. So how can you make your way through information clutter and get your message across?

In the infographic “Cut Through B2B Information Overload with Storytelling” by Beutler Ink and LookBookHQ, we are provided with valuable strategies to help us manage our company’s storytelling.

When it’s all said and done though, we need to remember this: it’s key to “show” your audience the messages you are trying to convey. This is why we must make use of multimedia. I invite you to review the following information, which is further explained in the Beutler Ink-LookBookHQ infographic.

Facts You Need To Know

  • According to the infographic, blog posts that contain videos tend to be linked more often than text-heavy posts.
  • Every minute, YouTube has an additional 60 hours of new videos; web users send 168,000,000 emails; and 700,000 searches on Google are performed all at once.
  • We must consider the hectic schedules of our audience. As reported by survey results, 90% of respondents (who are considered to be professionals), toss aside critical documents without looking at them.
  • The approximate number of marketing messages that individuals view daily is 5,000.
  • Roughly 79% of web users skim the words they read on the web. Thus, as effective storytellers, we must encompass successful headlines and “hooks.”

Click on the image below to view the full infographic. What is your advice for creating effective storytelling in a marketing campaign?  


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