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Corinne Federici | Jan 13, 2012 38 views No Comments

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Not nearly as profound as that of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s – but a dream nonetheless.

It’s all about taking risks (and if you’re anything like me – psychologically driven by a fear-of-failure – risk taking doesn’t come easy).

The thing is – 2011 was a year of survival for most companies. Staying focused on tried-and-true sales and marketing strategies seemed much safer in a year filled with so much uncertainty. But for those of us that made it through, 2012 needs to be a very different kind of year. Not one remembered 12 months from now for playing it safe (ironically a risk in-and-of itself) – but one that’s defined by a series of calculated risks that move the market, challenge the status quo, and get customers, prospects, investors and the like to sit up, take notice … and buy.

In that vein, consider a few unconventional New Years’ Resolutions this year:

Fail at least 3 times.
We learn much more from failure than success, and it’s the best way to measure whether we’ve really moved outside of the safety zone.

If it ain’t broke…fix it anyway.
Even successful approaches to sales, marketing and PR leave room for improvement. So take the concept of A/B testing beyond lead-gen campaigns, and apply it to more integrated PR and marketing outreach.

Seek advice from non experts.
Following industry best practices – in theory – puts a company in step with its toughest competitors. While true innovation is hard to come by, the most interesting ideas could very well come from those who know little-to-nothing about your business.

Bigger risks reap bigger rewards. So what’s your first move?

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