I am going to Disney World!


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Now that I came in as #1 Top 50 CIO and IT Leaders in the Social Media it seems like a fitting way to celebrate, right? While I am honored to be included in the list at all, and coming in #1 was very cool, I won’t be heading to Disney. Your personal/corporate/agency brand building efforts will have plenty of ups and downs and it is important, truly important, that you do not let them impact/change your goals, your overall strategy.

In the course of the last two weeks I have seen this positive from my efforts and the negative of anonymous attacks from those who disagree with my views. You will both. At the end of the day, simply stay true to your core mission.

Hey, has anyone seen Mickey around here?



  1. Wow, John, what a cool recognition for you. And well deserved, I’d say.

    Since we launched http://www.socialbusinessone.com you’ve been one our most prolific and popular bloggers with 25 posts and nearly 9,000 views on your content. Amazing!

    Maybe you could share a few thoughts with our community on why you blog and how it fits in your personal/company strategy. I know a lot of people struggle with finding the time to blog (or Tweet, for that matter) and wonder if the benefits justify the effort.

    Again, congratulations!

  2. What happened to Disney? I remember when I was a child I would watch films like The Jungle Book and 101 Dalmatians and be amazed! Now, Disney has gone downhill and its films seem to be getting worse and worse as time goes by. Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland does not compare to the original animation. If you ask me, many kids websites such as Disney’s should not be listed in the Top category on http://www.DozenKids.com. Is it time for us to realize that Disney and kids TV is not really what it used to be and in fact it now scraping the barrel of entertainment?


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