How To Develop A Sensational Video App?


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Almost every year a couple of mobile apps attract unprecedented attention. Almost everyone in every corner of the world has downloaded the app. They get talked about in magazines and other media. The app gets a mention in top international news channels. It is a dream app for every app developer.

Music apps are always a rage among people. There are many which allow the users themselves to sing or add their videos. Some apps allow users to add funny videos featuring themselves to favorite songs. These apps become a rage among youngsters. Tik Tok is one such app which has become a craze all over the world. What makes such apps so famous? How can you build such an app? Let us look at these in this article.

What Are And Tik Tok? was a musical video app launched in 2014. It soon gathered a good number of followers. It was available in both the Play Store and App Store. It had a following of over 100 million active monthly users.

The main advantage of the app is that users can upload their short duration videos. They can use the music and create videos of themselves dancing or just lip-syncing along with it. It also allows users to make their music videos and upload in the app. Users can share videos with others.

There are many filters which the users can use to make funny videos too. There are special effects which users can use in their videos. It makes using the app exciting to most people. The app allows people to showcase their music and dance talents.

So, why are we talking about and Tik Tom in one breath? It is because has merged with Tik Tok which is a similar app in China. Tik Tok had around 500 million monthly users as of 2018 first quarter. It has given the current merged app a vast user base. The app is now called Tik Tok.

There are millions of videos which users can watch. These are available in different categories. Users can select by type which makes it easy for them to choose. Tik Tok gives users the opportunity to showcase their talents also.
There are many face filters and emoji stickers to make the app more interesting. There are simple tools which help you to edit videos. You can trim, merge, duplicate or cut the video clips to take them to the next level. The idea is to give as much freedom to the users to make video and music more interesting.

  • was a musical and video app launched in 2014
  • It allowed people to upload short videos of themselves. People could use the music to dance to or lip-sync.
  • Users could create funny videos using many filters which were available in the app.
  • Users were able to show their talents in dancing, music and video editing.
  • merged with Tik Tok in late 2017. The reach of Tik Tok crossed 500 million monthly users.
  • There are millions of videos for users to watch. Selecting videos by categories is easy.
  • Different face filters and emoji stickers to make the videos funny and exciting.
  • There are simple tools that help you edit the videos to make them enjoyable to watch.
  • The app gives users the freedom to experiment with music and videos.
  • We have seen what makes the Tik Tok app so popular with the public. Let us examine the features in detail that made it such a sensation in the app market.

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Maximum Number Of Video Clips

One of the main advantages of Tik Tok is that it has millions of video clips which the users can watch. But that is not enough to make an interesting musical video app. You need to give something that provides fun and entertainment for the users. They should be able to try their hands at video editing.

Tik Tok provides these many videos and allows users to explore their talents at video editing. Users can use the tools to edit the videos. They can also mix it with their videos and post it in the app.

If any Outsourcing app development company has the idea to make a video app, then they must adopt these features. If they want users to get excited with the app, then they must include something more than what Tik Tok has got.

Upload Short Video Clips

You cannot get the users excited unless you allow them to do something on their own. Tik Tok used this need of the users to make their app even more famous. They enable users to shoot videos of short duration and upload them in the app. They have made the smartphone a video camera and studio.

The app offers numerous opportunities for users. They can upload short span videos. There are many categories from which they can select the audio for their videos. Users can record video directly and edit in the app. It means that the app provides all facilities for users to experiment with their editing skills.

This a novel way for users to use music and video for entertainment. There are enough music styles for users to use as background music for their videos. The short videos can be up to 15 seconds long. If any music video app has to attract the young crowd, these features are necessary.

Special Effects

It is not enough to provide background music for the videos. Users will be looking at ways to make their videos more interesting. The young crowds are good at creating funny photos with special effects. They will look for similar features in the video app.

The app targets the young crowd who are already creating with digital tools. Tik Tok offers a variety of tools that help users make exciting videos. These tools add exciting elements to the videos. They are very easy to use.

For someone developing an app like Tik Tok, use of artificial intelligence and smart image capturing technology will be of great help. The app should contain as many particular effect elements to attract the young crowd.

Sharing On Social Media

We all know that the young crowd spends half their time on social media. There is nothing that happens in their life without sharing it with their social media friends. It means that they should be able to share their video skills on social media too.

Tik Tok allows users to share their videos with their social media friends. It makes a lot of people to watch the videos. Because of sharing the app also has become one of the most popular videos sharing apps. It is useful for the app developers also because that is the best way to make the app get more users.

  • Tik Tok is very popular due to the sheer number of videos available.
  • The app allows people to use music to create their videos.
  • People can create short videos and upload them in the app.
  • There are many music categories to choose from. The user can use these as backgrounds for the videos.
  • Many video editing tools are available for users to make an exciting video.
  • There are a lot of special effects which can make the videos funny and exciting.
  • Face filters and funny emojis can help in making the videos instant hit among the youngsters.
  • Users can share their videos with social media friends.
  • Millions of viewers watch these videos. It is what has made the app so popular.
  • If you are creating such an app, you need to provide all these features with a little extra something.

Other than the above features many other features are important to create an excellent musical video app like Tik Tok. Any mobile app development firm must make a note of these features if the app should become a hit among the youngsters.

User Interface

Like in any app the user interface has to be smooth and easy. Users should be able to find what they are looking for very quickly. You may have many features, but a sophisticated user interface will turn away any user. Make it simple, smooth and attractive.

A user can go straight to the feed. It means that the user gets to see the most popular videos as soon as he or she has entered the app. The most popular videos must be appearing first. The app ranks the videos by the hearts received in Tik Tok. Hearts are likes, and this will tell you how famous the video is.

Users can directly visit their section. Here you will have all the videos made by people whom the user is following. It will make it easy for users to see their friends’ videos. The app provides people a choice to see the most popular or the videos made by people they follow. It makes the interface very interesting.


Unlike in other apps in the Tik Tok, app hearts represent likes. Users can give hearts to a video even if they are not following the person. The hearts given by the viewers will keep adding in the person’s profile. It will be a total of all hearts received for all the videos. It provides the creator with a target to chase.

Your app can give offers or coupons for hearts achieved. It can be a good way of making the users stay on the app and upload more exciting videos. As they receive more hearts, they will be interested in sharing more videos. It is the best way to popularize the app.


New and trending hashtags spur the users to create new videos on those hashtags. It creates a new challenge to the users. They must create videos based on these hashtags. In Tik Tok, these hashtags the app creates the hashtags. It means that there is always something new and challenging for users. The content remains fresh.


It is another favorite of the Tik Tok fans. One user can lip-sync part of the dialogue of his or her favorite star. Others can continue with the balance of the conversations. Users can scan the hashtag #duetwithme and speak or sing the balance. It helps in creating new friends. It also helps with exhibiting the creativity of many users.

This feature is much love because it gives users an opportunity to say the lines their favorite stars have spoken. It also provides the chance to put a humorous twist to some severe dialogues. Duet is another feature that stirs creativity in people.

Easy Availability

Tik Tok is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It makes it easy for users of both platforms to become part of the musical fun. It is a wise thing for app development firms to launch in both platforms at the same time. Different regions of the world use different mobile platforms. You should be able to tap on the potential in all areas.

Real-Time Analytics

It is a crucial feature for the app admin. It will allow you to watch the overall performance of the app in the graphics. You can see and analyze the users of your app. This feature will help you to make changes if you need to. Having up-to-date information on your app is very much necessary.

Video Streaming

Video streaming is the primary function of the app. You should ensure that you stream the videos from an external server. It will help to keep the app lightweight. The video will remain in the users’ app until the user watches it. Once the user has viewed the video, it will move from the server side.


It is good for people to find music as per their region. The app can show the music of the area which will make it easy for the user to listen, share and edit. Some so many people may like to use regional music for their videos. This feature will help them.

Push Notification

It is a feature that is very special to mobile apps. Most of the app admins use this very wisely to keep people using the app. There is much information which you can send to the users. You can assign users information if their favorite broadcasters are streaming live. Users can view their favorite people without being on the app all the time.

  • A smooth and easy user interface is necessary to keep your users on the app.
  • Users should be able to find their favorites easily.
  • Users must be able to accumulate likes/hearts to achieve a target and gain something
  • Use hashtags to create a challenge for the users. It will make the app more interesting
  • You should include the Duet-like feature to involve more people in the activities.
  • Launch the app in both iOS and Android to get the maximum users.
  • Real-time analytics helps you analyze the performance of the app.
  • Ensure to stream videos from the server to keep the app lightweight.
  • Geo-tagging can help people find music and broadcasters from their region.
  • Push notification can assist in communicating effectively with the users.

The Flip Side

There is a flip side to this popular app. That concerns the safety of kids who may use this app. There is much adult content on the app which can be viewed easily by anyone opening the app. There is an option in the settings to watch the videos selectively. But that has to be activated by the users. That is not the default setting.

When you make an app like this, you should care for it. The app must know what content to show without any authentication. You can use AI to screen the materials and have it open only with a password or PIN. It will take care of the safety of children. You must install safety features in the app.

Monetizing The App

  • In-App Purchases

    You can offer many things for sale in your app. You can also take money for unlocking premium features.

  • Fundraising

    This is an excellent option. Tik Tok has used this to raise the right amount of funds from investors.

  • Sell The App

    Once the app has become famous, you can sell the app to interested companies or entrepreneurs.

  • In-App Advertising

    Advertising in the app is quite a good possibility. As the majority will be young users, many fashion and accessories companies may be interested.


Looking at the success of Tik Tok any application development company will be keen to develop such an app. More people are interested in showing off their talents in music and creating videos. This app could provide them the right platform. The app can also become a good money-spinner for you.

You need to make the app as attractive as possible. Being a music and video app, the appearance of the app will be an essential aspect. The popularity of the app will depend on how trendy you make the app. The variety of music that you provide in the app is also an essential factor.


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