How to Build Trust When Communicating with Customers


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Customer relations play a pivotal role in the success of your business. Improving the ways that you communicate with your customers can help take your business to new heights and put you farther ahead of your competitors. Here are some of the most effective ways to build trust when communicating with customers.

Be Transparent with Sales Terms

Letting customers know exactly what to expect when making purchases will help establish a stronger sense of trust. Charging hidden fees is never a good idea and can make customers want to do business elsewhere. Not only that, but charging hidden fees inevitably shows up in reviews and become a huge turn-away for potential customers. The return and refund policies should also be accessible and specified in language that’s easy to understand. If return shipping or restocking fees are charged on returned items, customers will appreciate having those terms specified as well. This way, if they are faced with paying the return fees, they will know ahead of time and be more patient with the process.

Set Up Customer Portals

Online portals offer ways for customers to connect to your business and review their transactions. Setting up an online portal system for your customers that allows them to update their billing information and see past purchases will be an excellent investment. The portal can also include information about orders that are in the process of being shipped and when they’re expected to arrive. Using encryption software and other security measures in your portal system can help keep each customer’s personal details safe. Having these portals works to put customers at ease, as they can see exactly how much they owe and records of what they’ve purchased as needed, removing the uncertainty of unexpected costs or missed payments.

Address Them Correctly with the Right Information

Most customers enjoy being treated in a personable manner, and getting their names right when communicating with them can make each person who business with you feels special. Not only that, but using the wrong name can result in your customer flagging you as spam. Using a good name matching tool can help ensure that you are addressing your customers correctly in a professional manner. If you come across a unisex name (such as Chris or Harley) when communicating with a customer through email or other written means, it’s best not to assume pronouns until you know for sure the person’s gender. Knowing each customer’s correct address and order history will also go a long way in improving your customer relations.

Maintain Open Communication

Customers will appreciate having an open communication channel that allows them to ask questions or express concerns at any time. Having a full team of customer service representatives who can take customer calls without long waiting periods will be highly beneficial. Processing communications online can be made easier with chatbots and other tools for sending help requests. Having an automatic response come the moment they reach out assures them that they will have their concerns met in a timely manner, rather than waiting in long phone queues for someone to help them with a simple or obvious problem.
Devoting the necessary time and attention to enhancing customer relations will be a worthwhile investment. Maintaining solid connections with your customers can help your company earn even more of the respect that it deserves.


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