How Entrepreneurs Can Better Serve Customers by Using Business Analytics


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Understanding the mind of the consumer used to entail a lot of guessing on the part of company owners and sales representatives. Making sense of the data was nearly impossible because it was largely hearsay compared to concrete facts. As more companies turn to Internet-based sales and marketing, business owners now have a strong platform to analyze. Business analytics through website detailing is one of the best ways to serve your customers as entrepreneurs grow their companies.

Understanding the Cross-Sell

Every business thrives in their particular niche within an industry. Companies might sell party supplies or furniture systems, and they try to maintain their edge within their niche. However, business analytics can tell entrepreneurs where they can cross-sell. You might sell sofa systems, but your customers also buy coffee tables and floor coverings at the same time from different sellers. Consider a few complementary products for your inventory when you see the analytics pointing in this direction. Your customers will ultimately see you as a one-stop shop for all of their home-improvement needs.

Discovering Clogs in the System

A business might have a spectacular product and service line, but sales are in a slump. Use this as a chance to learn and understand business analytics and see if there’s an interruption in the product distribution system. The products may move from the inventory shelf to the shipping area in record time. Issues develop, however, when slow shipping speeds impede the next step in the process. Your software tells you where a slowdown occurred, and you can directly relate that to a customer’s review or lack of sales after the fact. Fix any of these clogs in the system to better service your customers in the future.

Detailing Conversion Stats

In the past, you were able to see visitors to your site but without much data afterward. With today’s business management software, you can see visitor numbers and conversion rates. Learn your customers’ patterns and what drives them to finalize a sale on your website. Use these conversion statistics to serve the customers with a better experience. You might rearrange the site’s pages with popular products in prominent positions compared to a less attractive design. Continue to use the analytics and business management software to tweak the site every time a need is present.

Exploring Incoming Links

Incoming links from various websites are crucial to search-engine ranking and visibility in the industry. Business analytics give you a chance to see where the traffic is driven from and in what kind of volume. You might look for other linking opportunities if the current configuration is less than staggering. In general, you want to verify that every current link to your site is viable and associated with your industry for the best customer-service results.

Pinpointing Customer Retention Levels

High sales numbers are exciting to see, but you want more information than just dollar amounts. The main goal of any entrepreneur is to encourage repeat sales. Little effort is necessary on the part of the business owner when repeat sales are part of the quarterly profits. Use the business analytics in order to pinpoint customer-retention levels. You’ll immediately see if a customer is buying on a monthly or yearly basis. Verify if most of the customers are simply one-time purchasers. All of this information tells you where to improve or change your business outlook for future sales.

Although business analytics tell a lot about customers’ behaviors, there’s no substitute for a face-to-face conversation. Whether a chat is in person or through a video feed, business owners should still take some time out of their schedules to meet-and-greet the consumers. At the end of the day, more customers will be willing to work with you after a personalized experience.


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