Healthy Work Environment: 4 Tips for Retaining New Employees


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Employee turnover can be a major expense for any business. The rapid replacement and training of even unskilled labor can become a burdensome drain on any small to medium sized company. Creating an environment where people want to work is key to keeping costs low, both for the consumer and for you. Here are four easy ways to hold on to your new employees.

Keep It Clean

One would assume that certain industries lend themselves to clean and brightly lit work environments but nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s not uncommon to find cleaning companies with deplorable restrooms or commercial pest control vans that look like mobile rat nests. More importantly, dirty work environments are breeding grounds for germs and can have a negative impact on the physical health of your employees. Keeping the workspaces organized and well-lit supports your employees’ mental health. This simple gesture will also show your employees you care about them and their work experience. Having a clean workspace will make them feel taken care of.

Send Your Employees Home

According to OECD Americans work longer hours than most people in the Western world. And while there are people who are workaholics, most people simply have an out of balance work/life ratio. They come into work when they are sick, they work late regularly and miss important life moments because they feel obligated to be at work. Let your employees know that you don’t demand more than their assigned hours from them. Encourage them to rest when they are sick and enjoy family life. They will thank you with years of service and improved focus when they’re on the job. In certain cases, you might even want to consider allowing your employees to work from home. This will also show that you care about their work/life balance and allowing them to stay home if needed while not being required to use their PTO.

Recognize Your Star Players

Hard work should be recognized. Nobody wants to feel like a cog in a giant machine. Be as quick with a compliment as you are with criticism. Point out your MVPs and find a way to reward their hard work and dedication. Be sure to make sure that people who work hard are offered opportunities for growth and advancement. Employees are less likely to hang around if it’s clear that all they get for their hard work is a certificate and a pat on the back, although those are pretty useful too.

Make It Comfortable

Invest in some light ergonomics. Buy risers for people who spend most of the day at their desks. The human body wasn’t designed to sit for hours on end. Keep the air clean and pleasant smelling. Optimize natural light. Working in your office shouldn’t be the source of headaches, backaches, and wrist pain. A few simple changes can help make all the difference in the world.

With just a few adjustments you can cut employee turnover dramatically and encourage your current workforce to give great service to your clients.


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