Healthcare facility creates call center of excellence


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Sacred Heart Health Systems (SHHS) Extends Quality Process to Call Center Using Call Recording & Quality Monitoring, creating their latest center of excellence – their call center.

An excerpt from the entire article demonstrates how they were able to fully customize the weight of the scoring forms in order to give greater importance to the following questions:

– Did the operator say their name?
– Did they use courtesies?
– Was the volume level to loud or to low?
– Could background noise be heard?
– Was a transfer announced?
– Did voice project a positive and helpful demeanor?
– Was the call process correctly?
– Was patient room and name verified?
– Did we offer the phone number when a line was busy?
– Was the call documented correctly?

SHHS assigned 2 points per positive response, minus 5 points for not processing the call correctly and 1 extra point for receiving a compliment or turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer.

Overall, SHHS set a goal to reach 98% as a group. The first month they achieved 91% as a group and by the third month they were able to reach the goal of 98%. They have stayed at the goal or above consistently since that time.

“Our customer service skills have improved considerably and staff members are much happier in their jobs because everyone is accountable for excellent customer service,” offered Jane Adams, Call Center Operations Manager.

Click here to read more about this healthcare organization’s successful call center transformation.


  1. It is great to see how much effort is put by the company in improving their customer service. I think this is a testament to how dedicate the company is.


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