Got A Customer Complaint? Video Banggood Your Problem!


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banggoodThe way a business deals with a customer complaint often says a lot about it’s approach to customer service. Our research shows that the most customer focused businesses are easy to complain to and here’s an interesting story from a friend of ours Bob Harvey which highlights a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach.

Bob bought a torch from the website Banggood but there were problems with it. He sent them a quick email….Bob Harvey 1

They then sent him a quick reply…Bob Harvey 2

So, as requested, Bob sent them a quick video! (It’s not particularly exciting, but it certainly ‘does the job’!)

Their response…

Bob Harvey 3

It’s an innovative approach to ‘Dealing With Disappointment’…. It allows customers to get their issue across relatively easily and simply. OK, it might not work for all customers, but I suspect those who are using the Banggood website are likely to be relatively ‘up to speed’ with using their phone to use video.

In summary….

  • It makes it easy and convenient for the customer
  • It’s quick
  • It’s effective!

How easy are you to complain to and how good is your business at ‘Dealing With Disappointment’?


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