Global Customer Service Research – putting numbers to customer experience


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Echo Reserach have released a Global Customer Services Barometer for American Express. There’s plenty of insight there, these were the key stats that really caught my eye:

The level of Customer Service consumers receive is important when deciding who to do business with 91% agreeing, a smaller but still significant number found this as very important (62%). Unsurprisingly it was the General Population (62%) and Affluents (63%) who believed this more than Young Professionals (41%).

Not many consumers believe companies value their business or are willing to go the extra mile for them – only 24% agreed. Only half (48%) of respondents felt that organisations ‘are helpful, but don’t do anything extra to keep their business‘ whilst 21% felt companies ‘take their business for granted

Companies that do provide excellent service will find consumers spending 9% more… with 58% of consumers stating they spend more time with companies that do provide excellent service.

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Good customer service is ‘more important’ to three in five (61%) consumers given the current economy. It appears organisations are ignoring this with over half of those surveyed (55%) believe that businesses have not changed their attitude and 27% feeling they are paying even less attention in the current economy.

Download the survey results here or the original blog post and let us know what were the stand out findings for you.


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