Gen Y – The Most Social Internet Generation


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“Generation Y is the most well-rounded. They are the most likely to have access to the most online technologies most of their adult lives. That means they probably can’t imagine a world without these online activities. They probably never had a chance to form habits like older generations…” said Susannah Fox, associate director at Pew Internet & American Life Project

She was speaking about the information from “Generations Online in 2009” was just released by the Pew project based on surveys conducted in August 2008. Of the Gen Y’ers (18-32 years old) surveyed,

72% watched videos online
67% used a social networking site
59% sent instant messages
60% created a profile on a social networking site
50% were most likely to use the Internet to play games
43% read a blog
20% created a blog
10% visited a virtual world

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Gen X (33-44) showed a focus reflecting different preoccupations at their time of life

82% g0t information on health
80% bought online
65% bank online
64% visit government Web sites
57% watched videos online
55% got information online
38% sent instant messages
36% used social networking sites
34% read a blog
29% created a social networking site profile
10% created a blog

For the Generation 70-75 years of age, 45% are now online.

There is much more ….for businesses reaching out to the US domestic market via the Internet B2B or B2C, this report is essential reading.

You can download a pdf here –

There is no charge – thank you to the Pew Foundation!


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