For Great Customer Service – Get Engaged!


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There IS a link between employee engagement and great customer service! It’s something I’ve suggested for many years, and now there’s evidence to support this. According to a new report from The Temkin Group called the Employee Engagement Benchmark Study there is a strong link between the level of employee engagement and the effort and commitment of employees to that company. They say that companies that are customer experience leaders have 2.5 times as many highly engaged employees as the poorer customer experience businesses.

According to their research, compared with disengaged employees, highly engaged employees are:

  • 480% more committed to helping their company succeed.
  • 250% more likely to do something good for the company that’s unexpected of them.
  • 250% more likely to make a recommendation about an improvement.
  • 370% more likely to recommend that a friend or relative apply for a job.
  • 30% less likely to take a sick day.

We know that ’employee engagement’ is an ingredient of Establish An UBER Culture – Characteristic #6 of ‘Remarkable’ businesses, but what does ‘engagement’ look like? The Temkin Group used the following 3 questions to evaluate it:

  • I understand the overall mission of my company
  • My company asks for my feedback and acts upon my input
  • My company provides me with the training and the tools that I need to be successful

How do you and your people measure up? Why not find out by asking them?

In the meantime, you see more about the report here.


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