Everything You Need to Know about Apple’s iOS 13


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Everything You Need to Know about Apple’s iOS 13
A slew of features, performance improvement, and much more- iOS 13 has certainly contributed to keeping Apple’s tradition of innovation and creativity intact. It appears that the Cupertino Company has made its mind up about providing stiff competition to Google’s Android Q OS.

In one of the most exciting and engaging keynotes in annual WWDC developer conference, Apple has announced iOS 13, iPadOS, Pro Display XDR and the Mac Pro. Out of them, iOS 13 stole the show by introducing a plethora of features that are developed to make the user’s life easier. Let’s check some of them from the perspective of an iOS app development company.

However, it is fairly possible that every September, when Apple will come up with new iPhones, we may come across a few surprising features of iOS 13. But, the advent of iOS 13 has shown the capability of taking iOS app development services to the advanced level. Here we are going to check some of the core features of iOS 13.

Key Features to Engage Users in 2019
Apple has introduced iOS 13 developer beta, and the final version will come into the iPhones this fall. The public version or the user’s beta version of iOS 13 is expected to come in July. Of course, there is a room for more features or improvement in the existing ones, the iPhone application development company will target the following key features.

Dark Mode is Finally Here
Much-anticipated Dark Mode will replace a light screen with a dark screen. Core apps like calendar, music, and photos app in iOS 13 have a dark mode. Though in the beta version it appears to be worked for the entire system, it is yet to see whether exceptions are there. It is noteworthy that Dark Mode will also come to Android Q.

Keyboard that Traces Word
This is not a new feature for Android users. Apple has brought it for the first time in iOS 13. Now, the users can enable to find the word as they spell it. Introduced as QuickPath Typing, it seems faster and more accurate virtual keyboard this time. This keyboard is designed for one-handed typing.

Portrait lighting for attractive photography
The iOS 13 brings Portrait lighting feature within the camera app. It facilitates the users to add more lighting for having various effects. For example, it is easy to smoothen skin, change the intensity of light and location for making an excellent and appealing portrait. Apple has also added a whole-new photos tab to access this feature and other tools.

What’s more, editing filters and accents- vignette, auto enhance, noise reduction, and vibrance are also added in iOS 13 to make photography a real pleasure. The iPhone users will also enhance their photo editing ability by adjusting pictures on their fingertips. This feature is extended to videos as well.

“Find My” app for lost phone and friends
If your friends are near, you will always want to find them and stay connected. Now, let’s take a different scenario. What if you miss or lose your iPhone? How can you find it if it is offline? In such a situation, a Bluetooth-based beacon can help you out. Apple’s new ‘Find My’ app work wonders here by combining both these features.

The good news is- ‘Find My’ tool is encrypted and remains anonymous to prevent phone thieves to reboot the user’s iPhone.

Sign in becomes more secure
Apple has added a new privacy feature in the signing process. Users can use this feature to access various Apple accounts and apps without adding an email address. This feature is aimed at protecting users from unauthorized tracking of third-party apps. The Sign in with Apple feature strengthens Face ID and facilitates the users to access apps without revealing any personal information including email ID.

It gives an option to share or hide the email address. Also, Apple can generate a random email for accessing various apps. It can keep your actual email address protected and conceal your real identity. On the app permission front, Apple has taken the next move by enabling the users to choose apps that seek information regarding their location every time.

Siri becomes stronger
Siri has an update in new iOS 13. Apple has included more natural and realistic sounds in Siri to replace clipped voices. Siri can now speak with fewer gaps thanks to a neural talk-to-speak network. Also, Siri’s performance is enhanced for AirPods, CarPlay, and Safari. For example, it gives suggested automation to assist users to customize or create a new template. Siri also enables the users to share a song or movie with a single tap.

New Inclusions in iOS 13
Talking about the new apps, iOS 13 has several improvements and a few new apps like

1. Mail- It gets new fonts with richer and more appealing appearance
2. Notes- It has a new view and it supports shared folders
3. Reminders- It becomes more customizable and comprehensive Smart Lists- This app enables the users to tag a person for triggering a notification
4. Maps- It will support CarPlay by the end of 2019.

Finally, let’s go through a list of compatible iPhones for iOS 13.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users will be disappointed as they have to remain on iOS 12.

    You need to hire experienced iOS app developers to make iOS 13 compatible apps or migrate your existing iOS app to iOS 13-compatible app.

    That’s not all! The year 2019 will be remembered as a year of big change for the software giant Apple. The reason? Well, the company has introduced new iPadOS specifically for its iPads. It marks the end of an era in common OS for iPhones and iPads. Though iPadOS is also based on iOS, its core features are similar to iOS.

    Concluding Notes
    It is fair to mention that new iOS 13 has set the stage for bringing radical changes in the user experience. All you need to get assistance from a reliable iOS mobile app development services provider. It is interesting to see how these features will bring changes in the life of iPhone users and work wonders in taking business processes to the next level.

    We are among the leading iOS app development companies in the USA. Our experienced iOS app developers can help you make your existing iOS app compatible with iOS 13.


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