Editorial Topics 2017

CustomerThink is focused on Customer-Centric Business Management which founder/CEO Bob Thompson defines as:

“Delivering the total customer value that drives genuinely loyal customer attitudes and behaviors in a target market, resulting in competitive differentiation and long-term profitable growth for the enterprise.”

This year, the editorial strategy will cover customer-centric strategy, execution and technology. Contributors from our online community include some of the foremost experts in the world. Advisors write monthly columns on key topics for the year.

Major site topics include CEM (customer experience, feedback management, loyalty), CRM (marketing, sales and customer service/support), and Social Business (online communities, social media, employee collaboration). CustomerThink covers these continuously throughout the year.

The site is organized around the following major categories. Click on the topic links to visit the landing page for that topic.

  • Leadership: Customer-centric strategy, culture and organization alignment through effective measurements and rewards.
  • Digital Marketing: Lead management, online marketing, web analytics, email marketing, multi- and cross-channel marketing
  • Sales Performance: Sales effectiveness, sales process, performance management, compensation, tools
  • Service and Support: Multi-channel service, channel adoption, knowledge management, chat, mobile, quality vs. cost
  • Customer Experience: Differentiated experiences, feedback management, emotional response
  • Social Business: Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0, customer communities, external social networks
  • Innovation: Customer-driven innovation, ideation, co-creation
  • Customer Analytics: Text mining, speech analytics, predictive analytics
  • Enterprise Technology: CRM, Cloud computing, mobile, open source, Web 2.0, industry trends
  • Contact Center: Speech-enabled IVRs, virtual contact centers, unified communications, workforce management, first-contact resolution
  • Outside-In Process: value delivery to customers, customer-driven process development, impact on growth and profitablility
  • Customer Loyalty: loyalty marketing, rewards programs, emotional vs. rational loyalty, advocacy, measurement approaches

You can contribute to CustomerThink by blogging or submitting an article for publication.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the CustomerThink managing editor.