Do’s and Don’ts when selling to crazy-busy prospects


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My friend Snappy, that would be Jill Konrath, the author of the wildly successful SNAP Selling book. I’m super impressed that Jill is branding this ”crazy busy audience” for everyone to understand how we must adjust our sales strategies when prospecting this Customer 2.0.

Let’s talk about time- how little they will give us and how much we should really ask for. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

Don’t say– “we haven’t spoken in a few years and I wanted to reach out and introduce our new products.”

Do say– “I recently contacted a few folks within your organization and learned that…”

Don’t say– “Can we include you on this 60-minute demo and ask you to invite your team for a briefing?”

Do say-”We can run through this in about 4 minutes and if it makes sense, we can schedule another meeting.”

Don’t say– “Sure, I’ll call you at the end of the year when things settle down.”

Do say– “The beginning of the month is usually a bit slower, I will try you back at that time.”

Don’t say– “Our legal team needs to review the terms of the contract.”

Do say– “We are on the final stretch to getting this approved.”


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