Customer Service: Why It Matters – And How To Do It Right


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For many companies, customer service is a cornerstone to their customer experience strategy – an area of increasing importance because:

Why is it so difficult to deliver good and cost-effective customer service experiences?

Our customer service technology ecosystem is very complex today. There’s been an explosion of communication channels, touchpoints, deployment methods like cloud-based solutions, and vendor mergers and acquisitions to sort through. With all these changes, customer service organizations struggle to get their agents to use a consolidated toolset which accesses contextual and relevant data; to follow consistent processes; to comply with policy, and most importantly, provide customer service in a way that customers want to receive it.

So how do you do it better? The Contact Centers for Customer Service Playbook is a practical guide that focuses our research and recommendations to help you discover, plan, act and optimize your customer service operations:

The Customer Service Playbook is a living document, so be sure to check in regularly as we will update these core reports with new data and examples. Beneath these core reports, expect a wealth of “toolkit” research, such as Forrester Waves and TechRadars as well as Excel based models, PowerPoint templates and checklists.

To get started, start by reading our executive overview that sets the stage for and the entire Playbook.

So what do you think? How does Forrester’s vision of customer service compare to yours? And will our Playbook be useful? Let me know if this approach resonates with you!

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