CRM Market: Where Are We Heading?


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The CRM market is at a crucial stage now.
CRM market is in a situation SAP was 5 years ago.System integrators play a vital role for the same.
Customer intelligence plays a vital importantance for CRM implementors.
CRM products needs to be used where they are supposed to be.

Customization needs to be done keeping in view of performance and the best practices in mind.

User adoption is very important for any CRM initatives to succeed.
CRM implementors need to be careful while chosing system integrators.

Deep experience in handling CRM projects is essential and ability to handle change is the key for success.

Business readiness is very important and requirements should be done in detail.

The CRM market is in the stage of evolving stage now and would be at a peak in another 5 years.

The customer is looking at high level of Data integrity and flexibility
in line with the SOA is the key to meet the high expectations of the end users.

CRM system integrators need to look at future upgrades and commit on productivity improvements to inspire confidence to end CRM users.


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