Could Gamification Be the Key to Adoption of Sales Force Automation Software?


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There has been a lot of buzz lately around this term “gamification.” But what is it? Gamification is the process of adding elements of games to non-gaming activities to encourage action or participation. Essentially, it is about making menial, repetitive or boring things a little more fun and engaging. Experts in the field of gamification have discussed introducing this concept into several different areas including education and e-commerce.

What about adding gamification to an area of enterprise software with traditionally low levels of engagement and adoption: sales force automation (SFA) software? The connection seems logical. Sales people and gamers share that same fiercely competitive nature. Perhaps the addition of gaming elements to SFA software would encourage sales people to learn, use and master the software.

Software Advice, a free online resource for sales force automation software, sketched out some pretty neat ideas for adding gamification to SFA software. They show how adding badges, leader boards and time v. completion charts can enhance the SFA software user experience. Check out the images below and then go to their blog to leave your commentary.

I. Badges

II. Data Quality

III. Goal Tracking


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