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How courtesy can undermine agent performance

Blog post by on April 24, 2014

[embedded content] How can courtesy undermine agent performance? How does that happen? The 29 Quality Assurance Mistakes to Avoid e-book and self-assessment includes the question “Do your customers rate your agents’ level of courtesy as part of …

Seven Ways to Be More Responsive to Email

Blog post by on April 23, 2014

Most of us are drowning in email. The daily onslaught of email and inboxes containing 100+ messages make it hard to keep up with the old one business day standard. My 2014 email response time survey revealed …

Soft is hard

Blog post by on April 23, 2014

I’ve been a Tom Peters fan since being introduced to his teachings in my first management role at Marriott International more than 20 years ago. Frequently contrarian and counter-intuitive, Peters often says: “Soft is hard and hard …

Why Your Customer Service Training Needs to Flip

Blog post by on April 22, 2014

Flipped learning is hot topic in training circles.  It has the potential to fix one of the most fundamental problems that plagues corporate training. Employees attend a training class, learn new skills, and then… Do nothing.  Flipped …

Customer Service is Great Delivery

Blog post by on April 22, 2014

I have to admit I have never been a fan of Walmart. The staff was indifferent, shelves poorly stocked, and no one around to answer a question.  One time, I wanted to buy some storage containers to …