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Choose Rouge At Your Own Peril

Blog post by on July 28, 2014

Air Canada Rouge is the most incompetent airline. Here is a list of reasons every customer should be wary: -They inconvenienced me because I had to wait for my bag at baggage claim. The whole reason why …

5 Ways to Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

Blog post by on July 26, 2014

It can be tough to meet customer expectations, let alone exceed them. But if your customers know that you will do what it takes to help them achieve success, they will reciprocate with loyalty and advocacy for …

5 Proven Ways To Tap The New Switching Economy

Blog post by on July 26, 2014

More than 51% of U.S consumers switched service providers in 2013 because of poor customer service—up 5% from 2012. That’s a surprising statistic. But it’s just one finding from a recent survey by Accenture. The survey measured …