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The 5 Deadly Sins Against Customer-Centric Innovation

Blog post by on July 23, 2014 Editor's Pick

It’s no surprise when I hear that many business leaders believe they are investing in innovation. The real surprise, perhaps,  is how those investments are not paying off. Traditional organizational culture has a tendency not only to create a sub par environment for customer-centric innovation, but …

Design Thinking and CX: Part 2

Blog post by on July 23, 2014

Design is a process that helps people develop systems that other people will use. This process can be applied to software, buildings, space shuttles, tea kettles and organizational structures. CX design is about applying design’s problem solving …

Disruptive Innovation From Microsoft

Blog post by on July 23, 2014

Microsoft recently announced the biggest restructuring in their history (the metric is number of people laid off in this case). 18,000 people are going to lose their jobs as part of the Nokia merger. However, to me …

The Eureka Moment of Ideas & Idea Management

Blog post by on July 22, 2014

It is really important to fill the innovation pipeline with ideas from many different sources in your business: associates, sales, and of course R&D. It is also increasingly important to expand ideation outside of internal teams and company departments.

Customer Strategy – 50′s Style

Blog post by on July 16, 2014

‘What you call ‘love’ was invented by guys like me. To sell Nylons’. Mad Men makes hilarious viewing, not least because of the amusing juxtaposition between working in the 1960’s and the way we do business today. …