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Marketing Ops: It’s Time to Purify Your Data

Blog post by on July 24, 2014

Marketing organizations know that data is the key to unlocking marketing’s potential to drive maximum business value and create happy customers. Data-driven marketers are continually finding new ways to dissect and apply data in order to increase …

Service strategy & marketing: It’s personal

Blog post by on July 23, 2014

Most marketing communication is focused on new products and features. Today’s customers however, are looking for something different. They can get the same new features nearly everywhere. A strong service strategy can generate interest with existing and …

More unicorns! LinkedIn’s head of marketing technology

Blog post by on July 23, 2014

It’s fascinating to watch a new profession — marketing technologists — emerge from the digital star foundry. It’s a phenomenon that we should expect to see more frequently in The Second Machine Age. But while that’s thought-provoking …

When Marketing Automation Goes Bad

Blog post by on July 23, 2014

If you’re like me, you’re inundated with emails from marketers. This makes for a less-than-positive customer experience with companies in many cases. Marketing automation makes it easier (and cheaper) than ever to send communications with offers. However, …

Integrated Marketing Needs Integrated Systems

Blog post by on July 22, 2014

If you’re like most marketers, your marketing operation has an increasing number of marketing tools and systems, a plethora of processes and a boatload of data being generated. And, there seems to be a new piece of …