Both Sides Now – Cloudware: A YOUTUBE Primer


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I’m glad of the chance to say that there is almost nothing better than Judy Collins’ voice:

From her song, Both Sides Now….watch the youtube video above
Bows and flows of angel hair and ice-cream castles everywhere!
…. But clouds got in my way

There is a lot of talk about cloud computing, with some saying “it is better” and others saying that it doesn’t make sense.

Made me think of “I’ve looked at life from both sides now” and how true the song is “I really don’t know life at all”.

So here’s my suggestion. Play the Judy Collins song, and look at these URL’s in a separate browser tab.

…. the Cloud Primer:

A. Cloud Computing Explained: Great simple explanation at

B. Larry Ellison audio only “What the Hell is Cloud Computing?” (this is funny…. he says ‘Cloud is the new SaaS….when is this idiocy going to stop?”)

C. Steve Ballmer on Cloud Computing (to paraphrase: I thought I understood, then heard others using the term completely differently this morning”

D. Explaining Cloud Computing – great if you like explanations in Christopher Barnatt’s British accent.

E. Cloud Computing in Plain English “What isn’t cloud computing?”

if you are not yet confused, here’s the next conundrum….

F. Platform as a Service – (full disclosure, I contributed some words to this entry – but hey, no pride of authorship, this is evolving)

Which made the most sense to you?

ok… back to Judy Collins.

Mei Lin


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