Blinded Forever or Is Customer Effort Saved by AI Visibility


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From a customer effort standpoint, you’re blind. Your biggest source of insight data is not visible. It’s estimated that as much as 80% of the world’s data is locked up in the voice conversation.

For many organizations with prominent contact center operations their percentage of data that is locked-up and invisible is even higher.

The problem. It’s impossible for you to use the traditional model of recording calls for quality assurance purposes to give you visibility into what’s needed to reduce customer effort or improve the customer experience  – to transform your organization.

Executives Won’t Act on 1%

This has been a decades old problem for contact centers. They are unable to provide data and insight that goes beyond the (less than 1% of all calls monitored) level of recorded call accuracy and confidence.

If you were an executive, I suspect you would want to have a much greater level of confidence than insight that comes from less than 1% of your entire call population. If you were to put your neck on the line and invest mass effort to mobilize your organization you would want significantly more confidence in your decision.

So, when the insight you deliver from your contact center can easily be diminished to a few outlying complaints, because you only have a few calls (or surveys) captured, you should not be surprised or offended if they do nothing. And you should not be surprised.

Visibility at a Larger Scale

Known for their work in customer effort, Tethr is leveraging the work of CEB, which was acquired by Gartner. Tethr’s AI in their listening platform has been trained to think like a Gartner analyst, surfacing insights that help you pinpoint and prioritize issues causing the highest customer effort. So, what – you might ask?

Tethr securely listens to any call, on any network, from desk or mobile, analyzing every conversation for insights that increase sales, loyalty and compliance. All while sharing the data with your favorite CRM and BI tools. So, this data capture goes much further beyond 1%. This level of data capture and insight generation is Board Room worthy.

When I met Mike Mings of Tethr at Customer Contact Week I was excited to see the advances they made in their product roadmap over the past couple of years since when I first was introduced to Tethr.

About Tethr

Tethr helps organizations unlock value from the voice channel. Tethr’s conversation intelligence platform combines powerful AI and a decade of customer research to analyze phone calls and offer insights that can improve sales, loyalty, efficiency and compliance. Learn more at

Tethr’s solution can learn from your quality assurance team or your CX team. And it continues to learn when they keep the solution updated with new or updated products, procedure changes, and competitive advances. It helps to elevate the contact center’s status to strategic from tactical.

Too often contact centers need to fight for resources and personnel development. I can see a tool like this making it much easier come budget time to get what you need.

Give Sight to the Blind

You have seen things more clearly because you’re on the frontline. Your best investment is to give site to those far from the frontline that control your destiny. If you’re ready to help them see, contact Mike Mings at mike.mings [at]

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