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Walter Adamson | Jun 12, 2010 183 views No Comments

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Earnest Agency has been publishing some valuable summaries of social media B2B marketing stats, particularly Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers. They’ve just released a video of the stats, it’s a great resource.

They don’t make any claim that all the stats are consistent, or precise, just that these are stats which have been reported by reasonably reputable groups. In fact they highlight the contradictions in order to challenge us to think more.

I loved the music Dave Brubeck’s Unsquare Dance, took me back many years, but I love more the opportunity the video provides for conversation with B2B clients.

My favorite snippets:

  • 85% of B2B buyers want companies to have a social presence to engage with them;
  • 9/10 buyers say that they’ll find you, when they’re ready!
  • but will they, if you’re not in the social media?

The video

For more on the buyer-seller disconnect see Axel Schultze‘s Slideshare presentation The Principles of Social Selling. This disconnect is Axel’s opening thesis.

And these are not necessarily B2B but Huffington Post’s Fortune 100 Companies’ Social Media Savvy (STATS) says that 82 of the Fortune 100 tweet on a weekly basis, posting an average of 27 tweets a week. So big business is out there, the laggards seem to be worse as the company size gets smaller – that’s counterintuitive isn’t it?

  • Do you think B2B is a social media laggard?
  • Is social media as big an opportunity for B2B as B2C, or bigger?
  • Which is your best example of B2B social selling?

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