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What Are The Two Challenges At The Heart Of Change?

Blog post by on April 6, 2014

The Traditional Take On Change So much has been written on change – particularly organisational change. It occurs to me that this material is mostly written by folks sitting in the stands, observing the game of change …

Happiness, Leadership and Customer-Centricity?

Blog post by on April 2, 2014

What is the connection between happiness, leadership and customer-centricity? On Happiness A lot has been written about happiness. Not much of it speaks to me. And there are some speakers whose speaking resonates with me. Let’s start …

Hall of Fame: Waitrose Creates A Delighted Customer

Blog post by on March 25, 2014

Based on recent experiences I find myself moved to create a ‘Hall of Fame’. And a ‘Hall of Shame’ for well known brands based on how these businesses treat their customers.  My commitment is to share the …

Customer Centricity: A Sunday Morning Religion?

Blog post by on March 19, 2014

It occurs to me that customer-centricity has become a religion in many ways. And as such is characterised by a particular philosophy-ideology, rituals and practices. We have many books-articles published on customer-centricity, customer experience, CRM, customer service …