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It Takes a Brand to Deliver a Branded Customer Experience – What are they...

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Once upon a time, drug companies couldn’t advertise. Those companies marketed to physicians, not to the end user. Now television ad rotations are heavy with pharmaceutical ads – many of which not only list possible...

Customer Experience Wisdom from a 96-year-old Business Legend

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Few people have actively stewarded a restaurant’s success for over 70 years. So, when such a person speaks about customer experience, I take notice and listen. I suspect we all should. During my many visits to New ...

5 Million Reasons to Deliver Effective Visual Storytelling Across the Branded Customer Experience

[unable to retrieve full-text content]When a brand spends 5 million dollars to air a 30-second advertisement (not including production costs) during a major sporting event, the resulting commercial should aspire to the heights of visual brand storytell...

Testing and Learning for Customer Experience Excellence

[unable to retrieve full-text content]On any given day I find myself playing the You know you’re old when… game. Here’s how it goes for me on broader social themes, You know you’re old when you have to explain to someone what a pay phone wa...

How to drive your brand voice through your customer experience

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Recently, I’ve been working with a group of entrepreneurs to help them drive a branded customer experience at each of their businesses. In prior working sessions, those leaders and I defined the optimal customer ex...

The 3 Ps of Customer Experience Excellence

[unable to retrieve full-text content]It seems like pre-historic times. The year was 2013, and I emerged from my cave having just read a report by customer experience research and consulting group Walker, titled Customer 2020. I remember thinking that ...

7 Tips for Managing Customer Complaints and Stress This Holiday Season

It’s crunch time for retail! The holiday season may bring out the best in humanity but holiday shopping can also bring out the worst. We’ve all seen the “Black Friday Brawls” as shoppers play tug-of-war with the last doorbuster sales item. No matter yo...

7.8 Billion on Cyber Monday of Cyber Week – Is Brick and Mortar Retail...

It’s the holiday season 2018, that peaceful time of the year when we focus on the most important things in life – being with family, celebrating faith traditions, entertaining friends, and relaxing – wait I must be under the influence of eggnog. Let’s ...

Human Experience Requires Gratitude

My parents told me, I told my children, and I suspect they will tell their children two magic words. In the United States, during this time of year, these words play prominently in family gatherings. The good news is the magic of these words extends we...

Catching People Doing What’s Right Along the Customer Experience Journey

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Starting around 2012, I had the good fortune of working with the leadership team at Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) as they sought to elevate their customer experience from the middle of the pack among all automobile man...

The Secret Sauce to Customer Experience is a Blend of Four Ingredients

Recently, a new client of mine said, “Just like everyone else I want to differentiate my business through the customer experiences I provide, but quite frankly I’ve tried a lot of things and am not seeing any sustained improvement.” Rather than being t...

Customer Experience Research

I’m on deadline for a new book and have been looking back at a variety of recent customer experience research studies as part of my writing. As a result of that process, I realized that I haven’t posted many of the sources and findings that I rely on i...

Three Keys to Effective Customer Journey Mapping

This the third in what I am planning to be a four-part series on service design, persona-based customer journey mapping, activating customer journey maps, and optimal future experience visioning. Given that we’ve set the framework for service design and persona-based journey mapping in prior posts, I will focus this installment on how to use a customer […]

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What is Persona-Based Customer Journey Mapping?

Persona-based customer journey mapping helps you understand core customer segments so you can add value to these groups. As promised, this weeks’ blog is a continuation of last week’s post titled Aim Before You Fire. In that post, I shared my thoughts on the importance of immersing yourself in an understanding of the core customer […]

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Aiming Before You Fire – Patiently Seeking Input to Guide Service Design

Recently I wrote a blog in which I offered my definition of experience design. From my vantage point, experience design is one of the core competencies of human-centric organizations along with human-centric culture, customer listening/understanding, effective change management, and productive use of customer-focused metrics. I am sure I will be addressing all of those topics in […]

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Your Keys to Outstanding Experience Design

Experience design keys for the future. My work in customer experience design has spanned decades, industries, and continents. That said, there are certain sectors where my team and I have spent a lot of time –not least of which are automotive, hospitality, financial services, building trades, retail, and restaurants. When it comes to the restaurant sector, […]

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Branded Customer Experience Delivery

P or B? Unique Value, Elasticity, and Branded Customer Experience Long before the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, there was an “I” brand from my youth that had a strong and unique brand image. With its narrow restaurant layout, high pitched distinctively blue roof, and tables adorned with multiple types of syrup. It was none other than […]

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So Many Customer Experience Lessons – So Little Time!

I once wrote that to be joyful we must capture the natural occurring humor of reality. Extrapolating the idea of seizing natural occurring opportunities, I’m a fan of gleaning customer experience lessons from news headlines. Here are three quick examples of customer experience lessons just waiting to be plucked from recent news stories: Only one […]

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From Customer Journey Map to an Optimal Customer Journey Road Map

In last week’s blog, I talked about how customer journey mapping has gained widespread acceptance and how to get maximum value out of efforts to depict perceptions of customers across interactions with your brand. I also noted four elements necessary to effectively guide your customer experience design efforts and suggested that the following four considerations […]

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Customer Journey Mapping and the Road Beyond

Years ago, it was much harder to convince a client to do a customer journey map. In those days, many leaders were willing to map interaction points with customers in order to drive efficiency or reduce waste. When customer experience designers like myself would suggest that touchpoint maps need to be upgraded to customer journey maps […]

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