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Technology Only Gets Us So Far

I’m a great fan of much of many sales technologies.  There are tools that dramatically improve efficiency.  These allow us to get more accomplished, more easily and in less time.  There are tools that give us greater insight into the customer–both the enterprise and individual.  We can leverage customer searches of our sites, the materials [...]

Hearing What We Don’t Want To Hear Is Critical

It seems, as human beings, we are increasingly less open to hearing differing points of view.  We immediately reject those that have a different opinion or world view, not taking the time to understand it, learn/evaluate, perhaps challenge it, or perhaps even shifting our own opinions as we learn more. We seek those that share our [...]

The Servant Sales Person

Yeah, I know what the immediate reaction to the title of this post will be….. “But Dave, we’re slaves to our managers and our companies………!” I get it, I’m talking about something different, but if your managers are treating you like slaves, gently remind them the Emancipation Proclamation was put into effect on January 1, 1863 (for [...]

The Decline Of Corporate Culture

Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for lunch….” We all know how important culture is in aligning everyone in the organization and driving high performance. Company cultures are built on a common set of values and beliefs.  They tend to focus on: Who we are, as an organization. Why we exist. What we believe. What our values are. What we want [...]

The Power Of The Discovery Process

There are two fundamentals to maximizing your ability to win a deal–unfortunately, both tend to be executed very poorly.  The first is Qualification, or as I like to call it, Disqualification.  This focuses us on pursuing the right deals with customers that are committed to changing. The second is the Discovery Process. Too often, sales people skip [...]

The Problem With “USPs,” They Aren’t Unique

The Unique Selling Proposition is a cornerstone to much of what we do in marketing and sales.  At a high level, it’s supposed to be a compelling statement about who we are, what makes our solution different.  Ideally, it is so compelling the customer immediately sees the light and issues a PO. All we have to [...]

Do You Have The Right Sales Business Model?

No sales business model is “forever.”  As our markets change, as our customers change, as our own business strategies change, there is a necessity to reassess our sales business models and go to market strategies. Unfortunately, too many companies ignore these transitions.  They stay stuck with one model, working harder and harder, failing to produce the [...]

What We Do Is Not Complicated–Yet We Have A Tendency To Complicate It.

My friend, Andy Paul wrote a brilliant newsletter piece this weekend, entitled What We Do Is Not Complicated.  His newsletter struck a chord. What we do isn’t complicated–yet somehow we tend to make it so–for ourselves, perhaps more importantly, for our customers. At it’s core, selling is simply about: Find a customer that has a problem they want [...]

Freeing Up “Time To Sell” Is BS!

A friend forwarded me an article entitled, “Giving People More Time To Sell Is BS.”  Intrigued, I clicked on the link. The article started with a statement to the effect of “ill informed pundits quoting data that sales people spend only 10-30% of their time F2F with customers.”  I thought, “Hmm, that must be me…”  I’ve [...]

Survey Fatique And Customer Experience

Companies are obsessed (Hmmm, maybe not) with customer experience.  Many seem to want to understand people’s customer experience–how or if they pay attention is anyone’s guess. Along with this obsession comes the obsession with measuring that customer experience.  That along with technology making it easy to do surveys in real time, it seems as though almost [...]

Beware Of “Experts” Sharing Data…..

I guess part of being perceived as being an expert is sharing data and research—all of which supports the conclusions you want people to reach. Don’t get me wrong, we share data on the results we’ve produced, we share data on research we have conducted.  But we are careful to position the context of that data [...]

Thoughts On Agility

Agile is one of the “hot” business buzzwords these days, right along with digital, transformation, and disruptive.  (You get double buzzword bingo points if you can use, “disruptive, agile, digital business transformation” in a single sentence on a PowerPoint slide.) But much of what I see under the “agile” banner is far from agile. The concept of [...]

Thanks For Training Me Not To Answer My Phone!

I’ve stopped answering my phone–whether it’s my office, mobile, or home phone, I’ve stopped answering it unless: I recognize the phone number and it’s someone I know. I recognize the caller ID and it’s someone I’m willing to talk with–either someone I know or a company/person that I’m willing to talk with. If for some reason, I’ve gone [...]

How Do We Broaden Our Thinking About Our Deal Strategies?

This morning, I was conducting a deal review with a very experienced sales person.  It was like many other reviews and the sales person was falling into the same trap that I see replicated too many times with too many sales people. This trap is deceptive, seemingly it narrows our focus on what the customer is [...]

Our Customers Are Doing Their Homework

Every three years, I go through the same cycle.  My car lease comes to an end.  Every three years, the same thing happens; about 6 months before the lease end, the dealer(s) start to contact me.  It’s always with an offer, “We can let you out of the lease early and get you into the [...]

Does How You Sell(Market) Represent Your Company Well?

Customer experience is increasingly a key differentiator in acquiring and retaining customers.  But, too often, we look at customer experience in a very narrow way, we think of it as their experience in using our products, after they have purchased them. The customer experience begins begins long before the first purchase a customer makes.  Of course [...]

Playing Sales Enablement “Catch-Up”

This week, I had meetings with a number of sales enablement professionals.  Each came from very large companies with strong commitments to sales enablement.  Each had long experience and sales enablement programs that would be considered “best in class.” In each conversation, they were struggling with similar issues, “How to keep up with the demand for [...]

Buying Process Or Selling Process Or Sales Methodology

Recently, I’ve seen a renewed interest or discussions on Buying Process, Selling Process, Sales Methodology.  Part is driven by an old article of mine, Sales Process or Sales Methodology. There still seems to be a lot of confusion, some thinking we have to focus on one or the other.  And then, unfortunately, there are too many, [...]

What’s Your Bell Curve Look Like?

We tend to think about organizational performance in terms of “bell curves” or some sort of distribution curve.  The typical bell curve looks something like this: The performance of our people is on the X (horizontal) axis, the number of our people is on the Y (vertical) axis.  The bell curve typically has us thinking that [...]

“Old School Prospecting”

I’ve been working with a fascinating new client.  We’ve been looking at how to improve their prospecting results. It’s been a fascinating project, in some sense, I may be learning more from them than they have from me–but they seem excited about the changes we are introducing. First, a little background.  They wouldn’t be offended, but what [...]

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