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Paul Alves (13 posts)

Paul is Co-Founder of AGSalesworks and current CEO. Proven Sales Professional and Entrepreneur, working with both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Kathy Aman (1 posts)

Kathy Aman, senior vice president of sales and customer relationship management at Firstsource Solutions,has more than 14 years of experience in the call center management industry with experience in collections and receivables management for U.S. domestic companies. Her strengths are in relationship management, business development, and finding effective solutions to meet her clients' business needs.

Stefanie Amini (93 posts)

Stefanie Amini is the Marketing Director and Specialist in Customer Success at WalkMe, the world's first interactive online guidance system. She is chief writer and editor of I Want It Now (, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe.

Sue Andersen (1 posts)

Sue Andersen is the director of product marketing at Empirix. With over 25 years of business & marketing experience within the telecommunications industry, her expertise includes developing and executing marketing programs for the Contact Center area. Andersen earned her bachelor's in business administration from Providence College and her master's in information systems from Boston University.

Erik Andersen (1 posts)

Erik Andersen is Senior Vice President, GfK Customer Loyalty. He provides research design and customer management consulting to clients who oversee customer loyalty programs in a wide variety of business sectors both domestically and globally. Erik has over 25 years market research experience, including positions on both the client and supplier sides. Prior to GfK, he held senior positions in the market research functions at the Carlson Marketing Group, Ecolab Inc., and the Lutheran Brotherhood (now Thrivent Financial).

Elana Anderson (20 posts)

Elana Anderson is vice president of product marketing and strategy at Unica Corp.. A highly regarded marketing software expert, Anderson previously served as vice president and research director of the marketing practice at Forrester Research. Prior to Forrester, Anderson was a strategy consultant and systems integrator for nearly 15 years.

Scott Anderson (4 posts)

Scott Anderson is the Marketing Director at On Hold Company, a leading provider of on-hold marketing. We deliver creative and timely on-hold messages and offer hands-free remote-load technology to a single property or multiple corporate locations. To learn more, log onto On Hold Company.

Paul Anderson (63 posts)

Paul Anderson is associated with CRM software development for a sufficient period to earn reputation as an expert. He has earned great deal of knowledge in analyzing the market for customer relationship management software which he shares through his blogs and articles.

Scott Anderson (1 posts)

Scott has developed and led growth and digital innovation strategies for more than 20 years, primarily in the enterprise tech industry. He has a track record of leading digital transformation to strengthen brands, grow demand and delight customers.

Jody Anderson (1 posts)

Jody Anderson is an experienced Marketing Specialist currently employed by MyShopping, a premier comparison shopping service from Australia, who divides her time between work and expanding her knowledge of the field of e-commerce and marketing.When not working or learning, Jody spends her time swimming and reading criminal novels.

Duff Anderson (37 posts)

Duff Anderson is a visionary in digital Voice of the Customer research with over 20 years' experience. As SVP and Co-founder at iPerceptions, Duff is responsible for providing expert advice to organizations on how to gain a competitive advantage across the digital customer lifecycle and become more customer-centric.

Geoff Anderson (1 posts)

Geoff Anderson brings 20 year of tech product management and marketing experience in industries from semiconductor capital equipment, industrial measurement and test instruments, enterprise communications software, nanotechnology, and networking. He has extensive experience in marketing, product strategy, hardware and software development, cross functional team management, mentoring, business analysis, business intelligence, strategic marketing, and other relevant skills in organizations from less than 100 to more than 50,000 employees.

Terry Anderson (2 posts)

Terry Anderson is a Senior Analyst on the OpinionLab Insights team. She's been working with the biggest brands to improve their customer experiences for six years, the last four of those at OpinionLab.

Gary Angel (171 posts)

Gary is the CEO of Digital Mortar. DM is the leading platform for in-store customer journey analytics. It provides near real-time reporting and analysis of how stores performed including full in-store funnel analysis, segmented customer journey analysis, staff evaluation and optimization, and compliance reporting. Prior to founding Digital Mortar, Gary led Ernst & Young's Digital Analytics practice. His previous company, Semphonic, was acquired by EY in 2013.

Alexander Anoshin (1 posts)

For the past 15 years Alexander has been an enterpreneur in software development industry and since 2002 he is steeped in apps for enterprise collaboration and contact centers. Alexander is the CEO of Aurus, a Cisco Solution Partner and general product manager at

Majda Anwar (1 posts)

My passion is marketing in the digital space. While my specialization is marketing, going to school at Georgia Tech gave me the opportunity to work in a high technology environment with technically minded peers. Web 2.0 marketing is crucial for the fast paced digital work we live in, and I believe that marketing and sales should be hand in hand with increasing revenues.

Jamshaid Anwar (3 posts)

A technology and strategy Consultant with over 20+ years experience delivering Customer Engagement transformation and solutions to leading FTSE 100 companies. Helping organisations through their Omni Channel Maturity Journey: Channel Independence, Multi/Omni Channel Integration, Multi/Omni Channel Engagement and Operating Model Transformation.

Syed Mohammad Anwer (1 posts)

Syed Muhammad Anwer is a digital marketing specialist and blogger currently working at TaskQue, an online task management software. His unique personality traits, passion and thirst for knowledge has turned him into an digital marketing expert.

Prem Kumar Aparanji (70 posts)

SCRM Evangelist @ Cognizant. Additional knowledge in BPM, QA, Innovations, Solutions, Offshoring from previous roles as developer, tester, consultant, manager. Interested in FLOSS, Social Media, Social Networks & Rice Writing. Love SF&F books. Blessed with a loving wife & a curious kid. :)

Bob Apollo (464 posts)

Bob Apollo is the CEO of UK-based Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, the B2B sales performance improvement specialists. Following a varied corporate career, Bob now works with a rapidly expanding client base of B2B-focused growth-phase technology companies, helping them to implement systematic sales processes that drive predictable revenue growth.

Errol Apostolopoulos (17 posts)

Moontoast's Social Activation Engine is a SaaS and cloud-based social marketing, social commerce and social analytics platform. As VP Product, Errol leads product strategy and management for Moontoast's innovative social technology platform. Previously, Errol was Head of Innovation at Optaros, where he provided Mobile & Social Commerce solutions for top retailers. Prior to Optaros, Errol founded, led and successfully sold an angel-backed venture delivering original social content programming via TV, web and physical entertainment venues. Previously, Errol was GM of Razorfish Boston.

Randy Apuzzo (1 posts)

Randy Apuzzo is founder and CEO of, the SaaS CMS Company. A digital strategist with a computer science and branding background, Randy is a visionary in architecting solutions that help companies accelerate and scale their global digital content strategies. He is revered for empowering businesses with technology that grants agility, cost savings, security and increased market share.

Akin Arikan (64 posts)

Akin Arikan, the author of Multichannel Marketing: Metrics and Methods for On and Offline Success, is a director of product strategy for ClickTale's Experience Management Platform. Akin has been working with analytics practitioners since 1999.

David Armano (2 posts)

David Armano is a Senior Partner at Dachis Group, an advisory firm focused on Social Business Design. He is both an active practitioner and thinker in the worlds of digital marketing, experience design, and the social web. Author of the popular Logic + Emotion blog, he is best known for his distinct brand of visual thinking. Follow David on Twitter.

Guy Arnold (57 posts)

Guy is the author of 'Great or Poor' ( ) … a simple and effective system for delivery of consistent and continually improving customer experiences, 'Go the Extra Inch' the effective way to empower your people, and 'Sales through Service' ( ) how to sell more through repeat business, referrals, round sales and reputation (the 4 R's). Guy helps Organisations large and small to systematically make more sales for lower costs, through 4 simple principles.

Shawn Arora (2 posts)

Shawn Arora is the founder of LaunchSpark Video, a Toronto-based explainer video agency with a focus on ROI. LaunchSpark works with SaaS / tech vendors to distill complex messaging into clear and concise insights that increase conversion rates.

Lior Arussy (78 posts)

Lior Arussy is the president of Strativity Group and the author of several books, including Customer Experience Strategy The Complete Guide From Innovation To Execution (4i, 21). To learn more about customer strategies, sign up for Arussy's newsletter.

Khara Ashburne (2 posts)

Khara Ashburne, has over 16 years of strategic and executive program management experience, specializing in customer experience program design, corporate coaching and closed-loop management. With an extremely passionate view on superior customer experience, she has worked with small and large organizations, driving transformational programs designed to convert customers from simple, passive payers – or even worse, detractors – to loyal enthusiastic advocates of you and your brand.

Bob Ashley (1 posts)

Bob Ashley is a senior product manager for FairPoint Communications. He has held many technical and managerial positions over his 37 year communications career. Bob has had the opportunity and good fortune to work for a wide variety of companies, ranging from small family-owned, independent telcos, to industry giants like Contel and GTE.

David Ashton (1 posts)

Central to capitalizing on global markets is understanding the mind of the person behind every transaction. David is an expert on the rapidly evolving ways consumers and brands intertwine. Yesterday's Facebook-Friend, is today's brand-influencer whether we want that to be the case or not. David helps business detect and capitalize on technology and societal convergence.

Alleli Aspili (8 posts)

Alleli is a Senior Specialist for Business Development in Infinit Outsourcing, Inc., an ISO-certified BPO company that caters SMEs. She is responsible for maintaining Infinit-O, Infinit Contact, Infinit Datum, Infinit Healthcare and Infinit Accounting online brand and content.

Jake Athey (1 posts)

Director of Marketing at Widen Enterprises who is the user and administrator of several popular marketing technologies including customer relationship management, campaign management, digital asset management, email marketing, blogging, and social media management platforms.

Kate Athmer (2 posts)

Kate Athmer is the Director of Demand Orchestration at Integrate, where she leverages data and technology to build integrated, scalable demand marketing programs. Obsessed with efficiency and unwilling to be a "marketing janitor," Kate applies automation throughout the funnel to keep the team focused on driving revenue.

Kelly Atkinson (28 posts)

Kelly Atkinson is an Amsterdam-based writer, editor and translator specialising in social media marketing and online customer service. She blogs for Casengo, a provider of Customer service software that blends the best of email and chat.

Philip Atkinson (3 posts)

Principal photographer at London (UK) based photography company Ignite Images. Ignite Images primarily serve the corporate and events market in the whole of the UK.Being a small company Philip is also Chief Financial Officer, Marketing Executive and Social Media Specialist!

Patrick Attallah (3 posts)

Patrick is a French/Lebanese leading social media and social business strategist, thought leader and at the heart a 'digital' entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of social4ce (founded in 2011), a boutique consulting firm based in the Middle-East and focused on social business, advising clients on how to best leverage the power of social media by embedding social media channels into all their business and processes. More here

Seigyoung Auh (1 posts)

Seigyoung Auh is an associate professor of marketing at Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. He is also a research faculty at the Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State University. Dr. Auh has a BA in Business Administration from Yonsei University in South Korea and a MBA and Ph.D. from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. His research interests focus on frontline service employee extra role behavior, salesperson customer orientation diversity, sales team learning and conflict, customer participation, service climate, and service

Matt Austin (2 posts)

Matt is a data warehouse and marketing automation professional responsible for design and development of client solutions for CSG Systems. Matt's experience and technical interests include data modeling and web analytics.

Doug Austin (1 posts)

Doug Austin is the SVP of growth and innovation and leads product and brand innovation sessions for Marlin Network. For nearly 30 years, Doug has been studying the "art of observation" and filtering out the human truths. Whether digging for key consumer insights or preparing the next national retail promotion, it's all about the ability to "hear and see" what others may not and asking the hard questions.

Alayna Avery (1 posts)

Alayna is a Client Experience Manager at PeopleMetrics and guides clients through our process – from crafting a customer experience strategy to helping them implement Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Voice of the Employee (VoE) measurement programs, making sense of the results, and taking action on that feedback.

John Aves (12 posts)

John is passionate about customer experience as a strategy to drive customer loyalty, employee pride and profitable growth. He believes that every successful customer strategy needs to focus first on the people within the organisation. John's experience has enabled him to combine senior line management roles with that of a board level consultant, facilitator and advisor.

Ron Avignone (1 posts)

Ron Avignone founded Giva in 1999 and is based in Silicon Valley, California, serving customers worldwide. Giva was among the first to provide a suite ofhelp desk and customer service/call center applications architected for the cloud. Ron holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and is a New York State Certified Public Accountant with a minor in English. Ron is also an avid endurance athlete, vegan and mindfulness advocate.

Mete Aydin (1 posts)

In the role of Consultant and Project Manager, Mete worked closely with the researchers and executive team to conduct marketing research projects and develop customer loyalty strategy. He is experienced in consultancy and banking sectors about customer experience and process management (Currently, he is Organization and Project Management manager at Fibabanka)

Jacob Baadsgaard (1 posts)

Jacob is a passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help businesses achieve online marketing success. As the Founder & CEO of Disruptive Advertising, Jacob has created an award-winning, world-class organization that has helped over 2,000 businesses grow using pay-per-click advertising and website optimization.

Robert Bacal (107 posts)

Robert began his career as an educator and trainer at the age of twenty (which is over 30 years ago!), as a teaching assistant at Concordia University. Since then he as trained teachers for the college and high school level, taught at several universities and trained thousands of employees and managers in customer service, conflict management and performance appraisal and performance management skills.