At Last – A Proper Use For Twitter: Tweet A Beer!


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You can now buy your friends a beer via Twitter! A new ‘app’ being launched this week allows you to ‘tweet’ money to your friends so they can get a beer on you!

It’s called Tweet a Beer and the ‘app’ combines an ecommerce platform called Chirpify that lets you buy, sell and donate money via Twitter.

You simply ‘sync’ your Twitter account to your PayPal account and you can safely send beer money in $5 allotments! (Obviously, that wouldn’t go far with a lot of my mates, but you can send more than one donation!)

You can ‘personalise’ your message and ‘Send Beer Money’ to whoever you want to treat! The ‘app’ also allows you to add your current location and a meeting location to arrange with your friends to drink beers together!

OK, beer may appear to be trivial to some, but I can’t help thinking it’s a powerful combination of ‘social media’ and money transactions – that really is going to revolutionise what and how we do things! What impact – both positively and negatively – could this have on you and your business?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure it works in the UK yet, but I’ll be in The Beehive pub, Harthill this Friday evening and you could always call Emma the lovely landlady and leave a fiver behind the bar for me!


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