Are you asking your potential clients these questions?


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Communication is one of the indispensable skills required in SALES. Whether face-to-face or over the phone, making healthy communication at the forefront of the interaction enables the sales reps to score more easily. On the other hand, without good communication, sales face numerous challenges that invariably lead to its end.

As Nicholas Brunnett states

“One of the biggest benefits to effective communication is – easy understanding. For instance, if sales people maintain a regular consistent communiqué with the prospective clients – they perform well and have a better attitude of approaching things.

On the contrary for a sales person with shy or demure attributes, (who may be as equally talented as the more outgoing), things can get difficult to progress. That’s why an “effective communication” is the best tool for sales, and it is one strategy that every sales rep is capable of initiating.”

Are you asking your potential clients these questions?

But merely being outgoing enough is not just what we are preaching here. Communicative in the right way is the key to sales. Remember there’s a thin line between being communicative and over-spoken.

So how should a sales rep demonstrate his outgoing skills?

‘By making the friendly asks’.

Small Biz Trends states –

“It has been proven that sales professionals that enquire the potential clients of their expectations and goals are more likely to have better deal conversions. So, no matter how hard it seems to take the time to talk with your potential clients, queries can make your sales process more successful and less stressed in the long run.”

Dan Schawbel and his team of experts cite four reasons for which sales rep need to keep enquiring the potential clients. Here’s a snippet:

Questions for Business Development

Irrespective of the fact that these leads have come to you filtered from the marketing campaigns – start scratch. That mean enquire why has the prospective clients chosen to interact with your company. Understand the exact frame of mind that persuaded the client to discuss the requirements with you.

Accentuate upon –

-> What are the possible benefits clients expect from dealing with you?
-> Which USPs of the product/service tempted them to call you in to discuss potential solutions to their problems?

Investigate from all angles and as you proceed with these types of questions, hint of the final sale.

Questions for Better Relationship

Add a touch of personal communication in your conversation. Ask off-the-beat business questions, not necessarily related to your sale. For instance- you can delve a bit upon their career.

-> For how long has the client been working in this field?
-> What are their business goals and expectations?
-> How do they visualize their business five to ten years down the line?

Asking these questions will clearly illustrate your genuine interest in knowing your potential clients. Automatically, this will put you in a favorable light and the clients too will reciprocate well to your conversation. You might just find yourself lucky enough to have a list of common topics to discuss about.

Tip: You can send some weekly mails to your potential clients on these common topics. Simply use the sales force automation module in your cloud CRM software and automate this task of sending weekly mails.

Over time, this will help you in building a confidential level of trust and relationship with your clients. The chances of your potential client turning to your real-time client will increase multiple times.

Questions for Better Post-Sales Experience

Discuss the post-sale experience. Many of you might find it too early to speak about it. But in the opinion of many experts, post sales discussion should happen right in the beginning of the sales conversation. It gives a definite clarity to the potential clients as to what kind of experience should they get from the company. This acts as a major determinant in sale. It demonstrates that you truly care, and influences purchase decisions in your favor.

So do not rest on assumptions. Erroneous assumptions can put all your efforts down the drain.

Check in with your clientele expectations of post sales experience. Clarify upon areas like

-> How often does the client expect you to take an update on the progress of things?
-> Which communication channel does the client prefer?

Make note of the preferences in your cloud CRM software. Convey it with other team members (especially the customer support team).

Questions for Referrals and Testimonials

Now, this is the most sensitive area. Every sale professional ask for client testimonial or referral but most of them fail. So you need to make the move more tactfully. Unlike the rest of the reps who ask for referrals before they secure the first sale, time your question accurately.

Let’s say on occasions where the client is highly pleased with your service and you hear some glowing remarks. Pitch in the question smartly then.


Please note that the above four objectives are merely samples. Ultimately it’s up to the salespeople how they wish to capitalize upon them. The overall sense of the article is that asking questions to the clients always helps in any sales type. It provides far greater insight that eventually takes the sales conversation from lead to deals. Further, it empowers the sales reps with all the key information that helps build relationships and deliver excellence in customer service.


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