Android vs iOS- Tips to Choose the Right Platform to Address Budget Constraints


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Android vs iOS- Tips to Choose the Right Platform to Address Budget Constraints
Today, businesses rely a lot on a customized enterprise app. Many entrepreneurs want to leverage the benefits of feature-rich native mobile apps, but at times, the budget constraints act as a roadblock. However, they can choose either an Android or iOS platform for developing the first business app. This selection involves many aspects, but here we will discuss a few.

This comparison and tips will help entrepreneurs and business owners select the right app development platform. Entrepreneurs can decide to hire mobile app developers for either Android or iOS app after going through these points.

Top Aspects to consider while choosing the right app development platform amid budget constraints

Target Audience
Though Android OS enjoys a lion’s share with over 74% globally, countries like Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, Russia, the US, and the UK have more iOS device users as compared to Android counterparts. The location of the target audience is, therefore, mattered the most. For example, if your business operations are focused in Europe and the US, you should go for the iOS platform.

But then, from the app downloading rate and the number of active users for the app viewpoints, Android OS has an upper hand over iOS. In other words, if you want to come up with a utility app or a gaming app, then it is better to consider Android application development services to get more customers worldwide.

Revenue Generation
App monetization or revenue generation from the app is one of the major objectives of app development. The platform used to build the app plays a significant role in generating a value of the app. Interestingly, revenue generation has nothing to do with a large market share. It involves various factors like the financial capacity of the users and the overall demand for specific app features.

Here, iOS apps are the winner. They generate more revenue through in-app purchase than Android apps. The major income source for Android apps is ads displayed within them. So, if you want to generate more revenue in a quick time iOS platform should be your choice.

BYOD Concept
Many enterprises are either in the process of implementing BYOD concept or think seriously about its implementation. Now, as Android devices are in abundance at the workplace, it is better to choose Android application development services to implement the BYOD concept swiftly and seamlessly. Also, the Android devices are readily available to meet growing business requirements.

Android OS is a more flexible and open-ended platform that enables the developers to modify and customize the business app as per changing requirements and customers’ demands. Therefore, the Android app is more beneficial as compared to an iOS app when it comes to regular modification and implementation of mobility.

Development time
This is one of the most crucial factors for any app. At times, faster development time and speedy launch of an app can make its success certain. You can get an advantage of a reduced TTM (Time to Market) by swiftly publishing your app.

Both Android and iOS apps take almost the same time in development with the same features and functionality. However, when it comes to testing, Android apps are required to be tested for multiple devices. It takes more time than iOS apps because iOS apps run on limited devices. Thus a lengthy testing procedure can increase the development time and cost for Android apps.

App Development Cost
The application development cost is directly proportional to the app development time. Though the hourly rate of both iOS and Android app developers are almost the same, there is some difference in the final development cost. It is because the testing of Android apps takes a little more time than that of iOS apps. It is always challenging to develop an app that is compatible with many devices with different screen sizes. If your app is a complex business app then it is better to go with an iOS platform, which has limited devices to be tested.

Publishing app
App stores for Android and iOS have a different set of rules for publishing apps. The mobile app development companies strive to meet the app store’s requirements for respective apps. Along with this, the developer or a mobile app development company has to pay specific fees.

The Apple App Store charges $99 a year from the developer and $299 from an app development company, whereas Google Play takes $25 as a one-time fee for publishing an app. Typically, Google takes just a few hours to approve and release the app, the App Store’s review time is one day.

Though this aspect is not as important as other aspects, it is necessary to mention that the rules of publishing apps on the App Store is more stringent than Google Play. So, if you want to publish your first app on the App Store, you need to take care of several points.

Which platform should you select- Android or iOS?
After discussing all these aspects, it is fair to mention that iOS mobile app development cost is a bit less than Android app development. In other words, we can mention that an iOS app development can be proven more profitable with a quick publishing and less development cost. So, if you want to develop a first app and all aspects are considered, iOS seems a preferable platform for you. It can help you understand the do’s and don’ts of app development.

Concluding Remarks
Here we have covered a few of the deciding factors that can assist the business persons to select the right development platform for their app project. Here, it is fair to mention that if one wants to address both iOS and Android device users across the world, they can also consider cross-platform app development platform. But, it is advisable to consult a reputed iOS and Android application development services provider to make an informed decision.