AA-ISP Leadership Summit- Day One


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I’m in Minneapolis at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit and it’s great to have a conference dedicated exclusively for inside sales professionals. This is the place to be if you want to be among the who’s who’s of this conference.

Today was packed with incredibly valuable information delivered by generous thought leaders. Imagine that, all of us in one place at one time. People I have enormous respect for who have paved the way for my work.  I got to snap a few pics of them-

Let’s start with the godfather of inside sales, Art Sobczak who’s killing it with his new book, Smart Calling; Eliminate the Fear, Failure and Rejection from Cold Calling.


I got to meet Trish Bertuzzi, founder of the Bridge Group Inc. and I didn’t have my camera but the very hip Trish had her Flip and was interviewing people and I think the question is about one big thing that will change the face of inside sales? so stay tuned for my answer tomorrow.

Since we are in her hood, Jill Konrath came to “crash the party” and I got a sneak peak of her highly anticipated new book, SNAP Selling.


And from my San Francisco hood, Anneke Seley, author of the best Sales 2.0 book and founder of PhoneWorks was here and moderated a great panel discussion on Social Media Money Maker or Money Waster.


And, what do we have here? It’s Nancy Nardin, co-author of our new ebook, Smart Selling Tools for Inside Sales 2010 with Peter Ostrow from the Aberdeen group. Nancy doesn’t walk around with a hard hat all the time- just when we are announcing the new release of our ebook.

There’s a lot more people I want to mention, stay tuned for more details.


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