5 Ways You are a Tour Guide for Your Customers


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A few weeks back, I was fortunate to present at the ITMI Annual Symposium of Tour Directors and Tour Operators. It is a group that is looking for a big 2010.

I was stuck by the what ITMI taught their graduates and how every small business could utilize these:

1. Listen. They need to listen to their clients on tour, we need to listen to our customers to find out how we can solve their pain.

2. Share. They need to share their stories while touring. We need to share our experiences to others through social media to see how we can help and learn from others.

3. Change the transaction. They need to make it about the experience not the money. We need to make it about value and results.

4. Present Options. They need to always find what the touring client wants to do. We need to give our customers alternative solutions to their issues.

5. Agree on a Solution. They need to agree with their touring clients so they are satisfied on site. We need to agree on a solution with our customer so we can move forward with them.

Ever felt like a tour guide?


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