4 Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t Generating Customers & How to Fix That


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At some point, many business owners do an assessment of their companies and realize that they aren’t generating new customers. If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion about your own company, now is the time to fix the problem. Typically, there are specific reasons that cause businesses to miss out on their opportunity to generate new business. Here are four of them:

You Haven’t Optimized Your Marketing Process

One reason that businesses fail to attain new customers is that they don’t optimize their marketing process. This is a grave error because effective marketing is the key to generating the brand recognition and relationship-building processes that lead to conversion. Luckily, there are several strategies you can implement to optimize your business’s advertising efforts. One is by attending a marketing retreat for your particular industry. If you run a law firm, for example, you’re still a business in need of advertising and can go to a retreat, like The Rainmaker Institute, to learn more about how all of the marketing techniques can apply to your realm of the business world.

You’re Not Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Strategies

Another reason that your company isn’t generating customers is a lack of customer relationship management strategies. These strategies are immensely important because they help you develop strong, organic relationships with prospects. Once this happens, you’re more likely to connect with and then convert prospects in a seamless, relatively easy way. One of the best CRM strategies out there is the use of customer relationship management software. As noted in Sales Force, some of the benefits of CRM software include improved informational organization, everyday task automation, and improved analytic data and reporting.

You’re Not Investing in Employee Development

If you don’t regularly invest in the employee development process, don’t be surprised when your conversion rates stagnate or decline. Your staff is the life force of your organization, and they play an integral role in providing the services necessary to get prospects interested in buying your products and services. As such, you should be doing all that you can to help these individuals grow personally and professionally. Luckily, there are numerous employee development strategies at your disposal. As noted in “8 Key Tactics For Developing Employees,” some of the strategies you can use include creating individual growth plans, providing performance metrics, and helping staff members access contacts that will help them expand their skill set or networking community.

You’re Not Watching Your Competitors

Failure to take into account the branding strategies and marketing efforts of your competitors can cause you to lose business. Make sure that you’re carefully analyzing the advertising strategies being deployed by your competitors as well as the level of success they’re having with those methodologies. In some cases, the best marketing platform is a copycat methodology that involves replicating advertising plans that have boosted the conversion rates of other companies.

If business growth is your objective for 2017, thinking critically about how to convert more prospects into loyal clients is a must. Use the information and advice found in this quick reference guide to ensure that you can eliminate behavioral patterns that may be costing you customers!


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