4 Customer Service Examples from Apple


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You deserve the best experience from the businesses you patronize – your dollar is what’s keeping them in business. No more no less. And any organization that doesn’t live up to your expectations, you take your money to their competition.

You’re the customer – you’re king.

With the development and advancement of internet technologies customers today are becoming empowered – they’re demanding more from businesses. And as a forward thinking business, you must adapt – you must warm up to the customer.

Your customers have the rule-book now – they’ve rewritten it. To survive, you must play by the new rules.

They’re demanding innovative products and services; they want instant solutions to their needs; they expect you to be socially and environmentally responsible, and they’re willing to do business with a company that listens.

You can innovate, optimize your processes and become more efficient – so can your competition; you may even take on some worthy causes – so can your competition.

What you need is a competitive edge – something that enables you to grab and maintain a top of the mind spot with your customers. Something your competition cannot easily replicate.

Chances are you’re reading this post using an Apple product, or you’ve used one of their devices in the past.

Maybe you’re not a fan of Apple products but, you’ve known friends and colleagues who can’t stop ranting about their newest iPhone or the MacBook they just bought – and you keep wondering what’s so special about these products?

I’ll tell you – exceptional customer service. Yeah you read that right, and I’m going to show you how excellent customer experience is at the core of this multi-billion dollar corporation.

A purposeful customer experience that screams we care

Apple wants you to know they care – and they’ve gone out of their way to prove that. Walk into any of their retail outlets, and you would understand what I mean.

You would immediately get a sense that everything in the store; the setting, the lighting, the color choice and the people – everything is carefully set to give you an unforgettable experience.

Why wouldn’t you want to buy what they offer – even if you’re going to be a few bucks short. The thing is; you would gladly come back again and again.

That’s the power of focusing on the customer.

Apple is obsessed with customer feedback

It doesn’t just end with giving you those amazing experience. Apple wants to know what you think about their service.

Isn’t that nice? A wildly successful, multi-billion dollar corporation, asking for your opinion about the service you’ve just gotten – and it doesn’t feel phony at all.

With this feedback, they’re able to gauge how their customers perceive them and what they could do better.

They have highly trained sales and customer service reps

At the core of this customer-service strategy is an army of well trained and highly motivated staff. Apple invests heavily in training their employees to become competent and knowledgeable in personalized customer service and their products.

So when you walk into their store – you’re dealing with a rep that’s competent and genuinely wants to help resolve any issue you may be having with your gadget or guide you to make the best purchasing decision.

They focused on value creation, not sales

To Apple, their outlets are not just a place to sell – it’s a place to have the complete Apple experience, a place to feel connected to the brand. It’s about enriching and creating value for customers.

To do this – they made sure their reps are not working for commission – in fact, none of their employees are under any form of commission, or under pressure to meet sales target – their sole duty is to give you a memorable
experience that will get you hooked.


Today’s customers are sophisticated and demand so much from businesses. To survive and thrive businesses must figure out how to meet these needs. Apple understood this and today they are a global leader in their niche.


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