17 question quiz to improve your leadership and coaching in 2017


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Here’s a fun questionnaire to use with your leadership team to identify opportunities to grow as an OutFront Leader and Coach in 2017.

1. Do you begin your day with a positive attitude? One where you plan to succeed?

Most days – 2 points

Some days – 1 point

No and I don’t care – 0 points

2. Do you have a written plan each month/week to make certain you achieve your goals? 

Yes – 2 points

Most of the time – 1 point

No, I just hope for the best – 0 points

3. Do you regularly praise your staff? 

I do. I really do! – 2 points

I probably think about it more than I do it. – 1 point

I have to talk to my employees? – 0 points

4. Do you recognize employees in front of their peers? 

Yes, and they appreciate it – 2 points

Sometimes – 1 point

Everybody knows what everyone looks like so why bother – 0 points

5. Do you regularly thank your staff?

Always – 2 points

Most of the time – 1 point

Yes, if they bring me coffee – 0 point

6. Do your employees feel like you’re a good coach and that you have their best interests at heart?

Yes – 2 points

Some of them do – 1 point

I have to coach them, too? – 0 points

7. Do you model expected behaviors as you work alongside your staff?

Almost always – 2 points

I try – 1 point

Do I look like a model? – 0 point

8. Do you regularly meet with your staff and discuss their development?

Every month (or so) like clockwork – 2 points

Pretty regularly – 1 point

Sure, if you count hanging out in the breakroom together – 0 points

9. Do you regularly meet with someone to discuss your development?

I make an effort – 2 points

It might happen from time to time – 1 point

I get plenty of feedback from my spouse – 0 points

10. Would you be proud to have every member of your team wait on your best customer?

Absolutely – 2 points

I hope so – 1 point

You’ve got to be kidding – 0 points

11. Do you constantly remind your employees what actions they take need to take to deliver a great experience and make a sale?

Like clockwork – 2 points

Yes, but could do more – 1 point

What actions are you talking about? – 0 points

12. Are you happy doing what you’re doing?

Love it – 2 points

Most days – 1 point

You know where I can get a job? – 0 points

13. If you are out sick for the next 90 days, do you have someone who can step into your role?

Yes – 2 points

Sort of – 1 point

Get sick. Great idea! – 0 points

14. Do you spend as much time training and developing your staff as you do on administrative work?

I think so – 2 points

I try – 1 point

You’re kidding me? – 0 points

15. Can you look back on 2016 and see how you personally have grown?

Absolutely – 2 points

Now that you mention it, yes. – 1 point

Sure. 20 pounds, to be exact – 0 points

16. Are you worried about business in 2017?

Yes, I’m worried how I’ll be able to spend all the money I plan to make! – 2 points

Concerned is a better way to say it – 1 point

About that job  – 0 points

17. Do you have ideas on how you’ll be an even better coach and leader 2017?

Yes, I do! – 2 points

I don’t know – 1 point

You have ruined my day. – 0 points

Add up your score and see how you’ve done. Are you pleased with your score? In what areas would you like to improve? 

I encourage you write down three actions you’ll commit to taking in early January to not only improve you, but substantially increase the likelihood of your business having a highly successful 2017!

Remember, choose to create your success and take the daily actions necessary to achieve your goals. 

Happy New Year!

– Doug 


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