13 Questions to consider before you start a culture change program


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  1. Why do we want to change our culture? What do we want that we currently do not have? What do we currently have that we definitely want to change?
  2. How will we know we have succeeded? What will we see and hear that is not happening today? What will we stop seeing and hearing?
  3. How will we track our progress? How will we measure results? How will we know we have succeeded?
  4. What is the business value of this change? What strategic advantage do we seek to achieve? What is the intended financial impact?
  5. What value will this culture change create for our customers? How will our customers notice and experience this change?
  6. What value will this culture change create for our team members? How will our employees and partners notice and experience this change?
  7. What is the risk if we do not make this change? What would be the consequences of continuing with our existing culture?
  8. Is our leadership team committed to changing the culture? How are we assessing this commitment? If the team is not fully committed now, what needs to happen for this level of commitment to exist? How will we know when the leadership team is fully committed?
  9. What is our time frame for implementing and evaluating the results of this culture change project? Is this realistic?
  10. What is our roadmap for implementation?
  11. What internal resources and support do we have for this project? Is this sufficient to achieve our intended results?
  12. What external resources do we intend to include in this project? Are we clear about why we want to involve external resources? What is the investment required? How will we measure the value we receive?
  13. What other organizations have succeeded in culture change projects similar to ours? What can we learn from studying these organizations?


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